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    Question Rights during labor and delivery?

    Hoping not to ruffle feathers here, just legitimately seeking guidance. We are very interested in a natural birth. After reading a few books and watching some (horrifying) documentaries, I think that is definitely the route we will attempt to take. I plan on speaking with my OBGYN about it at our next appointment. (I am in the US, BTW.)

    What are a woman's legal rights during L&D? Here are a few specific questions:
    -Do I have the right to labor and deliver in whatever position I choose? Can the doctor/staff force me onto my back?
    -Can I continue to eat/drink during labor, even if they tell me not to?
    -Can I refuse an IV?

    Ok, I don't want to be that annoying patient that thinks she knows everything and is uncooperative! But I also don't want to be bullied and intimidated during a time of extreme stress. I want to go into my experience informed and knowledgable.

    If anyone has any helpful advice, I would love to hear it. Do you know what a woman's rights are? (I did stumble on a "Rights of Childbearing Women" brochure online, but I have no idea how legit/accurate it is.) What have your experiences been?
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