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    Abram -- Cute, prefer Abraham.
    Atlas -- Lovelovelovelovelovelovelovelove
    Atticus -- Cute, a touch too overused for me though. not too common, but overused.
    Barnaby -- Yes.
    Benedict -- Eggs. Popes.
    Benoit -- Benoy? Benah?
    Blair -- Girl's name.
    Byron -- Personal negative association. Also, google Lord Byron. He was crazy.
    Casimir -- Cashmere.
    Caspian -- Prince Caspian? I like.
    Cormac -- Cormac McCarthy, author of The Road. Like.
    Crispin -- Also literary. But all I can see is Crisping/Crispy.
    Cyril -- Spiral. Meh on this.
    Cyrus -- Cute, dislike celebrity association.
    Desmond -- Love this. Very cool. Wouldn't use it myself, but very cool.
    Devon -- Love.
    Duncan -- My brother's name! Great choice, I can say from experience.
    Eamon -- Interesting, but meh.
    Edgar -- Yes.
    Emerson -- Cute, but too soft for me.
    Evren -- Interesting, I like.
    Felix -- Yes.
    Gideon -- Cool.
    Heath -- Ledger. Still love.
    Hector -- Awesome.
    Hugh -- Cool.
    Iker -- What?
    Indio -- Indigo? Inigo? Meh.
    Irving -- Okay. Still old manish for me.
    Ivo -- What?
    Jem -- Would be better as a nickname; perhaps for Jeremy/Jeremiah?
    Julius* -- Love.
    Keller* -- Cool.
    Kendrick* -- Love.
    Lance -- Okay.
    Levon -- Very nice.
    Lorcan -- Eh?
    Magnus -- Okay.
    Neil -- Nice.
    Nikolai -- Awesome.
    Nolan -- Okay. Have you ever heard the song Lake Ponchartrain?
    Orion -- Cool.
    Oscar -- Yes.
    Otto -- Meh.
    Ozias -- O_o this is cool.
    Rafferty -- I've heard this... literary... something...
    Raphael -- Cool
    Roarke -- O_o Roark? As in Howard Roark? As in The Fountainhead? As in Ayn Rand?
    Ruben* -- Cool.
    Silvan -- I approve, but makes me think of Silvan Learning tutoring thing.
    Soren -- Meh. Too soft.
    Thiago -- O_o
    Viggo -- Erm. Meh.
    Zephyr -- hehe.

    Middle name ONLY:

    Alexander -- Boring. Sorry.
    Amir -- Okay.
    Calvin -- YES.
    Caradoc -- Cool.
    Donovan -- Also cool.
    Drew -- Okay.
    Garrett* -- Love. This. Name.
    Henry -- Nice.
    Jack -- Nice.
    Julian* -- Also nice.
    Kasey* (this spelling honors) -- Good.
    Lloyd -- hehe I like.
    March* -- Interesting, I like it.
    Murphy -- Eddie Murphy.
    Noel -- Cool.
    Oberon -- King of the FAIRIES!
    Paul -- Love love love. Love love love love.
    Quinn -- Okay.
    Rainier* -- Like Mount Rainier?
    Rupert -- Grint!
    Vincent -- Nice.
    Wesley -- As you wish.
    Winter -- Meh.

    Suggestions (even though you didn't really ask):

    I'm not feeling incredibly profound at the moment. Check back later.

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    danni Guest
    Wow, I love your list! I adore so many of these same names; great collection.

    Excluding the names I don’t like, I see 5 categories (including girls in your signature):

    Quirky literary: Sansa, Astoria, Caspian, Gideon, Lorcan, Byron, Atticus
    Offbeat hipster: Olivine, Indio, Evren, Cormac, Abram, Atlas, Zephyr
    Edgy & to-the-point: Fallon (g), Marlow (g), Viggo, Soren, Jem, Blair, Heath, Roarke
    Energetic classics: Barnaby, Crispin, Desmond, Edgar, Felix, Hector, Irving, Oscar, Ruben
    International flavor: Cyrus, Julius, Nikolai, Otto, Raphael, Thiago

    Sansa, Astoria, Gideon Murphy, & Caspian Wesley

    Olivine, Indio Kasey, Abram Quinn, & Soren March

    Fallon (g), Marlow (g), Jem Rainier & Heath Garrett

    Sansa, Léo Alexander, Julius Calvin, & Raphael Vincent

    Alfred Henry, Barnaby Felix, Ruben Oscar

    Edgar Crispin & Desmond Paul

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    lucialucentum: I think being all over is fun, so right on! Thanks for separating out your choices like that; it was nice to see the different levels of liking and disliking. Of the combos I am taken with: Atlas Vincent, Benoit Rupert, Iker Vincent, Rafferty Lloyd/Winter, Barnaby Julian, & Nolan March.

    tfzolghadr: Thanks for the in-depth commenting on the first names Keller I would be open to as a middle name (that whole big category was names I'd use for either FN or MN). Felix the Cat doesn't bug me. I agree about Benedict though; think that will have to be middle name only from now on. Of the combos I really like: Evren Paul, Blair Oberon, Caspian Amir, Cormac Henry/Rainier, Cyrus Oberon, Desmond Murphy, Duncan March, and Eamon Wesley.

    celianne: I see Atticus on a good amount of lists, but is it popular in reality? I'm not so sure. I know who Lord Byron is and don't mind him as an association. Iker's a footballer name; a bit obscure but I dig it. Jem I like because it's a different take on Jeremiah which is a common name in my family tree (cool) but really tired sounding (bad). Who is the song Lake Ponchartrain by (Maybe I have heard it; not sure).

    I haven't read the Fountainhead but I have read Ayn Rand before (yuck). Yes, like Mount Rainier; I like the name since I am a Washington native. Of your suggestions I sort of like Dashiell and Matthias but neither is something I can picture me using. Drake is all right but prefer Draco. Jacoby and Gerard - dislike; not my thing.

    danni: Thanks! I liked your response. It was very creative to categorize the names; it actually gets me very excited about the names in general, more than I was before.
    moving to new account with username I like more... since we can't just change them

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    Benedict -What about Bennett instead? If you like Bennett, I love Bennett Alexander
    My other favorite combos would be..
    Cyrus Lloyd
    Devon Amir
    Felix Donovan
    Keller Lloyd
    Ruben Kasey

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