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    First or middle:
    Alma- Not a fan. Very... vanilla.
    Amabel- This sort of reminds me of a cow...
    Artemis- Pretty! I'm not a fan of the fact that Artemis was the goddess of hunting, but the name itself is gorgeous.
    Aurelia- I like Aurelia, but not the screechy -elia ending.
    Blythe- BEAUTIFUL! Simple and sweet, with a beautiful meaning.
    Circe- She turned men into pigs, right? I'd cross this off the list.
    Clementine- Very pretty! I like it a lot.
    Clover- I don't know. Pretty, but seems almost ditzy.
    Cressida- I love Cressida! The name evokes crashing waves on the shore.
    Gwenore- I like Gwendolyn, but I don't know about Gwenore.
    Elodie- Like Elodie, love Melody even more.
    Elowen- This, for some reason, reminds me of the Afflack duck.
    Euphemia- Fumes.
    Evangeline- Gorgeous! I lovelovelove Evangeline and its nns, from Evie to Angie.
    Flavia- It makes me think of a screechy voice screaming, "It's flavulous!"
    Frida- Very pretty, but I see it and I think... Fried.
    Helena- Love Helena. I'm not a huge fan of the Helena in A Midsummer Night's Dream, but the name itself is stunning.
    Honor- I think it's okay, but Honora seems like more of a name to me.
    Ingrid- Too harsh and heavy.
    Isla- This is lovely!
    Juniper- I used to love this, but I kind of grew bored of it. Still a nice name, though.
    Magnolia- The only thing that saves this name, IMHO, is the nn Maggie.
    Meliora- I like Melora, but the extra -I in this trips me up!
    Melisande- SO PRETTY! And a tomboy could go by Mel, a girly-girl who wants a nn could be Lissy...
    Mimosa- Middle name material only, IMO.
    Nova- I like Nova! Reminds me of those breathtaking pictures of the Milky Way.
    Paloma- Reminds me of Palomino horses. I like the meaning, though.
    Phaedra- I saw Real Housewives of Atlanta once, and one of them was named Phaedra... Totally destroyed such a gorgeous name for me.
    Rosamund- I like it! I prefer Rosalia and Rosaline, but I like Rosamund too.
    Seraphina- Breathtaking! This name is simply delightful. Seraphina Pearl is one of my all-time favorite combos.
    Seren- I love Seren! So pretty and unexpected, without being frilly.
    Silvia- Not a huge fan. Don't know why...
    Soleil- I love the sound, but isn't the word Soleil masculine in French?
    Sophronia- Too frilly. I don't like Sophia either, but I think Sophie is super cute.
    Soraya- Pretty and exotic, but still wearable. I once met a very creative, stylish Brit named Soraya.
    Thalassa- I never know exactly how to pronounce this- tha-LAHS-ah, or ta-LAHS-a? Tha-LASS-ah or ta-LASS-ah?
    Verity- I like Verity, but prefer Vera.
    Viola- I love Viola! It's wearable and musical, with the feel of Violet but not so close to the word violent. Also much, much more unexpected.
    Willa- I have a wonderful association with this name, and although I wasn't a fan at first, it has grown on me.
    Wisteria- Nah. Makes me think of the crayon.
    Wren- I adore Wren! Cool, unexpected, connected to nature and not too frilly.
    Zephyrine- Beautiful! A clunky old-lady name in French, but isn't that stylish?
    Zinnia- Reminds me of ziti pasta.

    Middle only:
    Alice- Awww, why only in the middle? It's so whimsical and gorgeous!
    Aurora- See Alice.
    Beatrix- See Alice.
    Celeste- Not a fan. Something about the heavy S and L sounds...
    Iris- See Alice.
    Joanna- This is okay, but I prefer Johanna.
    Josephine- I'm not crazy about this, though I see the appeal.
    Juliet- Love Juliet! Beautiful and classic, with literary background.
    Lilian- My favorite Lily variant!
    Maia- I love this spelling of Maya, maybe because I have a terrible association with Maya.
    Odette- Pretty! An underused O name.
    Olive- I can't picture a little girl- I only see olives.
    Penelope- This is okay.
    Plum- Nice in the mn spot!
    Poet- See Plum.
    Prayer- See Plum.
    Sabina- I always immediately say Sabrina!
    Scarlett- See Alice.
    Story- See Plum.
    True- See Plum.
    Vera- Love!
    Victoria- Currently my favorite name.
    Violet- Prefer Viola.
    Undine- I'm not crazy about the sound, though it does look pretty.
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    My favourites from your first name list are Elodie, Isla, Juniper, Magnolia, Rosamund, Verity, Wren, and Zinnia. I think they're all very wearable while still being slightly unique.

    My least favourites are...
    Alma - sounds very old-ladyish to me, but not in a cute and vintage way, just dated
    Artemis - for some reason this seems very masculine to me
    Circe - I read a book once with a villain named Circe. Also, I'm never quite sure of the pronunciation
    Gwenore - I much prefer Gwendolen
    Euphemia - I think many people would have pronunciation troubles and I just don't like the sound of it
    Flavia - again, just don't like how it sounds
    Frida - I know an older lady with this name, so I just get an old image
    Ingrid - very harsh sounding
    Meliora - doesn't sound like a name to me, strange as that may sound
    Mimosa - this is definitely an alcoholic drink
    Wisteria - Desperate Housewives
    Zephyrine - just not my style

    I'm on the fence about the rest of them. As for middle names, I like them all except for Prayer and Undine. My favourites are Beatrix, Iris, Olive, Plum, and Violet.

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    My daughter's name is from your list: Silvia Violet! She loves it, we love it.
    I also like Aurelia (Blythe, Juliet, Wren, Zinnia, etc could be middle name)

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    First or middle:
    Alma- I love the soft sound, but it still feels a little old to me
    Amabel- LOVE, so sweet
    Artemis- I love the way this one sounds
    Aurelia- I've been warming up to this one recently, it feels frilly to me but it's very pretty
    Blythe- don't like, I've heard it prn. B-LIE-the and B-LITH. Both sound awkward to me, one sounds like blight, and the other like bliss with a lisp, needless to say not my favorite
    Circe- pretty name, would cause prn. issues in the US though
    Clementine- LOVE, quirky and charming, yet beautiful and still familiar
    Clover- so sweet.
    Cressida- LOVE, easy to spell and pronounce, but not often used
    Gwenore- prefer Gwendolen or Gwyneth
    Elodie- pretty
    Elowen- LOVE
    Euphemia- cute in a quirky/old-lady way
    Evangeline- LOVE
    Flavia- all I can think is flavor/saliva.....
    Frida- eh, not bad but not my favorite, feels a little dated to me
    Helena- beautiful name
    Honor- beautiful and strong
    Ingrid- eh, I can see it's appeal just a little harsh sounding to my ears
    Isla- beautiful
    Juniper- cute and quirky
    Magnolia- Cute and very southern
    Meliora- the beginning of it makes me think of 'smelly'
    Melisande- ok
    Mimosa- makes me think of a cocktail drink
    Nova- LOVE, easy to spell and like the meaning, both the latin & especially the Hopi
    Paloma- beautiful, soft and slightly exotic without being outlandish
    Phaedra- not my favorite, for some reason feels aggressive to me
    Rosamund- BEAUTIFUL, classic and elegant, but still feminine
    Seraphina- Pretty, delicate
    Seren- pretty and love the meaning
    Silvia- LOVE one of the tops on my list
    Soleil- pretty, would work better as a middle
    Sophronia- pretty, very colonial sounding to me for some reason?
    Soraya- I go back and forth on this one. It's pretty, elegant and exotic but I don't like that it starts with 'sore'
    Thalassa- pretty but always makes me think of Tallahasee in my head
    Verity- LOVE, simply feminine and beautiful
    Viola- pretty
    Willa- pretty and sweet
    Wisteria- I love the whimsical quality but think it would work better as a middle
    Wren- cute
    Zephyrine- feels too frilly for me, but love the connection to wind
    Zinnia- LOVE, sweet and feminine with the flower connection but the 'z' gives it a little spunk

    Middle only:
    Alice- sweet
    Aurora- pretty, but it's difficult to pronounce and I've seen kids struggle with it
    Beatrix- love the trix ending, but this name always sounds a little harsh to my ears
    Celeste- beautiful
    Iris- LOVE one of my absolute favorites, strong and feminine
    Joanna- not my favorite, the sound doesn't appeal to me
    Josephine- beautiful and elegant
    Juliet- very pretty and romantic
    Lilian- beautiful despite it's popularity
    Maia- pretty, though just a little popular for my taste
    Odette- pretty and love the connection to the ballet
    Olive- sweet and spunky
    Penelope- cute and quirky
    Plum- cute
    Poet- cute
    Prayer- pretty, though maybe a little difficult to pronounce, have you considered Prairie?
    Sabina- all I hear is 'Bean', prefer Sabrina
    Scarlett- pretty, southern and girly
    Story- cute
    True- love this for a middle
    Vera- very pretty
    Victoria- classic and elegant, but really dislike Vicky & Tori, though if it's just a mn that shouldn't be a problem.
    Violet- Beautiful, demure, elegant and sweet
    Undine- I don't know where you live, but in my area 'Undies' is a common phrase for underwear (especially for children) and Undine just sounds too close for me to really consider it as a name. But if it where Ondine it changes the pronunciation just enough that I can see the appeal, and I love the mythology connected to it.
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    Alma- I love the meaning, but it lacks the cool, vintage vibe that is essential for comeback names. I think it'll be a few years before this name is back on the naming circuit. What about Mable/Mabel instead?
    Amabel- not a fan.
    Artemis- Don't get me wrong, I love the namesake, I do, but I feel like this name is a little too overwhelming for most people to pull off.
    Aurelia- I like it. A pretty, vintage alternative to Aurora.
    Blythe- NO
    Circe- everyone seems to have a different way of pronouncing this name. So, personally, that's a turnoff.
    Clementine- I've seen Eternal Sunshine and still cannot picture someone actually having this as a name. Not to mention the inevitable "Clem" nickname.
    Clover- eh.
    Cressida- I like it. Polished & exotic.
    Gwenore- sounds like a poor mash up of Gwendolyn and Eleanor
    Elodie- cute.
    Elowen- beautiful.
    Euphemia- sounds like a line of perfume.
    Evangeline- a lot of Berries go gaga over this name, but I've never really liked it. Too frilly for me.
    Flavia- embarrassingly, I only think of Flavor Flav when I hear this name.
    Frida- infinite adoration. I absolutely love this name.
    Helena- I like it so long as it's pronounced "he-layna" and not "helen-uh."
    Honor- No thanks.
    Ingrid- I'm indifferent to this name. If you like it, use it!
    Isla- pretty.
    Juniper- I like this name for a little girl, but, unfortunately, cannot see it growing with that little girl.
    Magnolia- way too "Sweet Home Alabama" for me.
    Meliora- dislike. How about Fiora?
    Melisande- beautiful. Like a little French princess.
    Mimosa- this is a drink name, not a child's name.
    Nova- eh.
    Paloma- not my cup of tea.
    Phaedra- dislike.
    Rosamund- Prefer Rosalind.
    Seraphina- too frilly for me, but I like it better than Evangeline. Also, it's become much more accessible thanks to Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner.
    Seren- feels incomplete to me.
    Silvia- prefer Sylvia.
    Soleil- reminds me too much of the circus.
    Sophronia- overwhelming at best.
    Soraya- I tried really hard, but I couldn't get into this name.
    Thalassa- dislike.
    Verity- dislike.
    Viola- I know it's literary (s/o to ole Billy) but it just reminds me of the instrument. I prefer Violet.
    Willa- LOVE. So soft yet strong.
    Wisteria- NO.
    Wren- I like this name, but prefer it in the middle position.
    Zephyrine- Like Zephyrhills water? No, thanks.
    Zinnia- It's bright and fresh for sure, but it would have to grow on me.

    Middle only:
    Alice- always a favorite.
    Aurora- pretty, pretty.
    Beatrix- no thanks.
    Celeste- never really found the pronunciation appealing.
    Iris- Lovely! A great alternative to Ivy.
    Joanna- Ever since Sweeney Todd, I've liked this name. It's a little dated, yes, but I think with a fresh, offbeat first name it could work. Not to mention she could go by "______ Jo" which would be utterly adorable!
    Josephine- LOVE
    Juliet- I'm a little over this name, to be honest. It's pretty, but I prefer Julia.
    Lilian- not a fan of "lil" names.
    Maia- sweet and understated. Love it.
    Odette- NO
    Olive- eh.
    Penelope- I think this name really depends on the names it's paired with. It's hit or miss, really.
    Plum- I can deal with Olive, but Plum's borderline ridiculous.
    Poet- I think with the right first name, this could be a winner.
    Prayer- Dislike.
    Sabina- interesting.
    Scarlett- LOVE
    Story- eh.
    True- dislike.
    Vera- dislike.
    Victoria- beautiful and fierce. Plus, it's timeless.
    Violet- Pretty!
    Undine- not very flattering at all.

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