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    Quote Originally Posted by hkcarroll View Post
    Thank you ladies for the feedback! It is greatly appreciated!

    Scarletrune & Charlieandperry1-- According to nameberry, Watson means "powerful warrior", that's where that came from. It could very well be wrong, I don't know. I'm not a name expert by any means, but again that's what I found on nameberry.
    I never look up name meanings on here because I find that whenever I look one up, it's wrong. BehindtheName is my go-to site. Wikipedia is usually pretty good, too.
    ** The opinions expressed above are not meant to be reflective of Nameberry as a whole but are my opinion and mine alone. **

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    I have a tendency not to like surnames for first names, but I actually love Watson. I can't put my finger on it why it has such appeal to me, but maybe it's because I like Weston and it has the same feel of the name to me.
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    I'll second what ktook76 said. I'm surprised to find myself quite liking Watson!

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    OKAY. I kind of think Watson is AWESOME.
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    Thank you all for you input! I really appreciate you all taking the time to write down your thoughts/impressions.

    It looks as though it's one of those names that are either loved or hated, not a whole lot in between. That definitely gives me something to think about...

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