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    Watson for a little dude?

    Okay berries, honest opinions...

    Is Watson a usable first name?

    I'm not sure what has come over me, but I can't shake the idea of naming our little boy Watson. My husbands thinks I've absolutely lost my mind. He sees Watson as a super nerd name, and he can't let go of the recent popularity of the Sherlock Holmes movies where he thinks people would assume we got Watson from.

    But to me, Watson is quirky and has a sort of subtle strength/masculinity to it... I mean, the name itself means "powerful warrior".

    I don't know, maybe I am off my rocker.... So, lay it on me. What are your opinions/thoughts/impressions of Watson for a first name?

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    Watson literally means "son of Walter". Walter means "ruler of the army".

    I don't think Watson is a usable surname, it sounds too pretentious to me.
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    Ok, call me mad, but these were my initial thoughts:

    1) Sherlock. Not a bad association, but it's a surname (I dislike surname names, sorry)
    2) Emma Watson. Again, with the surname. Adds femininity to it though. Kind of.
    3) Wotsits (yum). Not an issue outside of the UK.
    4) I find, as with most surname names, it makes the whole name sound like a business: Watson Jones, Watson Smith etc
    5) "Him over there, Whatsit."
    6) What's on? Going by your username, I'll assume the surname is Carroll. Now it sounds like "What's on, Carol?"

    And it means powerful warrior? Huh. I thought it meant 'son of Wat'. Anyway, after all that I personally don't think it is usable :/

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    Yes yes a thousand times yes. I adore Watson. It's quirky and strong and scholarly without being stuffy. A natural brother for Arthur or Matilda.
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    Thank you ladies for the feedback! It is greatly appreciated!

    Scarletrune & Charlieandperry1-- According to nameberry, Watson means "powerful warrior", that's where that came from. It could very well be wrong, I don't know. I'm not a name expert by any means, but again that's what I found on nameberry.

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