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Thread: Millie 2

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    I think Millie works just fine on its own. I think of it like Hattie or Sadie, where the nickname form has really taken on a life of its own. Amelia and Amy-Louise are pretty matchy up front. Emilia would solve that double-A problem and similarity issue! My fave formal name for Millie is Romilly, though. Emily, Emmeline, Milena, Melissa, Melisande, Mariel(le), Marilla, or Melody could also get you there if you want a long name...

    Millie Quinn
    Millie Harper
    Millie Piper
    Millie Caroline or Coraline
    Millie Juniper
    Millie Evelyn
    Millie Paloma
    Millie Reese
    Millie Georgia
    Millie Wren
    Millie Alice
    Millie Ashton
    Millie Aurora
    Millie Lane
    Millie Faye
    Emilia Tess
    Romilly Anna
    Emmeline Hadley
    Milena Eve

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    Millie is cute. I like it ok for a given name but I prefer it as a nn, it's just a little too cute on its own for me. I do like the suggestion of Millie Josephine. I like Amelia, but not with Amy-Louise...way too similar.

    I don't know if this is too old fashioned for you, but I always liked Millie as a nn for Matilda. Millicent is the obvious choice, but it's very old fashioned. Emily, Emmeline, Camellia (like the flower), Mirabelle (kind of a stretch, but it works as well as Amelia to me), Marilla (like in Anne of Green Gables), Melissa, Romilly, Melody (too much of a stretch?) could possibly work...

    Or hyphenate like Amy-Louise? Millie-Rose? Or Felicity-Marie could be a Millie, it's kind of out of the box in an endearing way.

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    I love Millie. It has family history for me so it is one I would consider myself one day. I struggle to come up with fuller names I like for her as well, but I think, aside from the obvious Amelia/Emilia/Amelie, I like Matilda nickname Millie the best.

    My combo is Millie Charlotte, but I see thats a no no for you. Some middle name ideas (sorry about repeats):

    Millie Violet
    Millie Alice
    Millie Thalia
    Millie Pearl
    Millie Clementine
    Millie Fiona
    Millie Annabel
    Millie Isabel
    Millie Sophia
    Millie Sage
    Millie Cecilia
    Millie June
    Millie Harlow
    Millie Georgia

    Matilda Lucy
    Matilda Sadie
    Matilda Ruby
    Matilda Willow
    Matilda Rosalie
    Matilda Caroline
    Matilda Violet
    Matilda Juliet
    Girls: Lucy, Nora, Ivy, Mae, Willow, Rose, Nessa
    Boys: Felix, Philip, Owen, Flynn, Dexter, Henry, Rory, Finlay

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    With everyone saying Matilda I just remember I have a cousin with a little girl called this. It's also my cousins cats name.
    Melissa and Melody I don't get how you would get Milly because I know Mel from both those names.
    Romilly I quite like this but I know my boyfriend might not. It seems a bit out there with Amy.

    Cameilla, Mirabelle and Marilla - without even asking I know my boyfriend will say these are too weird.

    I love Felicity-Marie and Millie-Rose but with Amy-Louise another hyphonate name maybe too much because then all the names would have to be hyphenated.

    All others I will reply later to all the name combinations.
    Anymore anyone.

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