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Thread: Millie 2

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    Millie 2

    As you know from a previous post of mine we like the names Millie and Molly/Mollie.

    Well Mollies now out because I just found out my cousin named one of her twins this.

    We like Amelia as its my great grandmas name but I'm not sure on 2 A names.

    I have a couple questions.

    1. - Do you like Millie? If not are there any other names that we can use this as nn for. Not Camilla/Camille, Matilda.

    2. - can you help me with middles for Millie or for some of the names with nn Millie.

    No old fashioned names e.g Margaret, Beatrice etc.
    No repeating inital e.g a.a.k or a.k.k
    No L middle names.
    No no names - Ezme, Lola, Ava, Phoebe, Hettie, Dolly, Lynn, Rosie, Charlotte, Lisa, Diane, Carole, Claire, Sophie, Sarah, Megan, Paige, Olivia. - if people say anymore I will add too the list

    Must be good with sibling Amy-Louise and surname Kitcher.
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    Maybe Millie Josephine? And then her nickname could be MJ. I love that nickname!

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    Millie is my daughters name so I'm biased. I find it vintage and stuffy, which I love. It sounds uber British to me, as well. We've used the middle names Edith and Corinne, for personal reasons. Some other middle names I like with Millie are Jean, even to use the double barrel Millie Jean would be nice but I don't know if you want two double barrel names. Here are some names to use as a full name with Millie as a nickname: Amelia/Emilia, Emmeline, Emily, Mila, Milena, Milan, Mildred, Millicent, Melissa (maybe a bit of a stretch), and Pamela. I hope this helps. Great choice with the fabulous Millie!
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    Having 2 A names isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I would avoid Amelia because Amy is sometimes used as a nickname for Amelia. Millie can also be short for Matilda; I don't know if that's too old-fashioned for you, though.

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