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    What are everyone's thoughts on the name Avonlea? It's pronounced av-en-lee (sorry, I'm horrible at writing pronunciations out, so I hope that makes sense!) I've always had a soft spot for this name, and it is one that I continually go back to. Also, what about middle names? I think I want something more simple, but not too simple that it makes the name become boring; but also nothing that takes away from Avonlea either, if that makes sense? Avonlea Pearl is pretty much the only combo I can come up with. Thanks!

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    I think Avonlea is very pretty, with a great literary connection. As for middles:
    Avonlea Marian
    Avonlea Wren
    Avonlea Iris
    Avonlea Carys
    Avonlea Ayelet
    Avonlea Odette
    Avonlea Estelle
    Avonlea Boheme
    Avonlea Therese
    Avonlea Agnes
    Avonlea Willa
    Avonlea Rosette

    Good luck!
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    I think it's pretty, although it's not quite my style. Avonlea Pearl is lovely... some other combos:

    Avonlea Grace
    Avonlea Jane
    Avonlea Claire/Avonlea Clara
    Avonlea June
    Avonlea Elisabeth
    Avonlea Margaret
    Avonlea Judith

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    Oh Avonlea Wren is beautiful!! LOVE that suggestion! Thank you so much!

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