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    Nicknames for Patrick?

    Loving the name Patrick, but Rick + Pat are awful for a little boy imo. I know Paddy's a nickname for Patrick, and I don't mind that, but are there any others you can come up with? :-)
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    My younger brother is Patrick, and when we were kids I came up with the nickname Patch for him. He loves it. My mom calls him Paddy (we are Irish, after all!), and some of his friends call him Pat, but he says that Patch is his favorite nickname.
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    I too love Patrick, but hate Pat and Rick. I've heard Trick suggested before which is pretty cool, but have no idea how well that would work. I prefer Patrick with no nicknames.
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    I like the other suggestion of Patch.

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    Patch and Paddy are cute but I think I prefer Patrick without any nicknames.

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