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    Yes! I always thought Paloma was a lovely Spanish name, and I'd love to meet a little Paloma, but then I did, and I was just so revolted, haha. It's not my style at all, and I never planned on using it, but I expected to be happy to meet a little Paloma.

    However, I work at a restaurant that's essentially the hoity-toity-rich-people's fast-food/hipster cafe place to be, and it attracts lots of lovely people, but also lots of conceited, upity, self-entitled, full-of-themselves, pretentious people that are more frustrating than you could believe, hahaha. And just the littlest things they say and do just turn me off, and when I heard this young mom (who, quite frankly, struck me as a girl I would have found on Teen Mom) calling her daughter Paloma (sometimes nn Lola), I was just so revolted. The kid wasn't ugly (wasn't especially cute, either, though), and it did look like they did have some Hispanic blood, but for some reason it just rubbed me the wrong way. I instantly hated Paloma, and it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

    I was afraid it had turned me off to any unusual name I might come across that's appealing on Nameberry that I like, but isn't really something I would use. But then I saw a mom today calling her daughter Luna, and I had the total opposite reaction, it made me fall in love with Luna all over again, so who knows. I'm known for taking things personally, being a terrible drama queen, judging in my head way more than I should, and holding grudges (at least I know I do it! I'm not sure how many other people recognize that I do it. I'm not terribly proud of that part of my personality!), so I'm hoping it was all that and that every time I come across a Juliet, Theodore, Henry, Penelope, Caroline, or Georgia, I won't turn up my nose in disgust. I still regret making snap judgments like that, I wish I could undo what my brain did, but I think Paloma will forever leave a bad taste in my mouth, sadly.
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    I liked Marlowe and then I was ordering a drink from Jamba Juice, and it was on the nametag of the chick making the drink. And, I don't know why, it just seemed....different. Maybe it was because it was a very striking name and the girl was a bit plain in appearance/mannerisms, but it just made me think that maybe it's a hard name to pull off. Dunno. The charm just kind of faded to me after that.

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    Yeah, I normally experience the opposite, haha. Example: I came across the name Thea awhile ago, and found it very underwhelming. But then, helping with my church's bible school program the other night, I met a little Thea in the kindergarten class. She was adorable! (prn thee-uh) I fell head over heels for the name Thea. Rocketed right to the top of my list. I can't think of an example where a real example turned me off of a name. I have met a Genevieve, and know a Savannah, which are two of my top names. But they haven't affected my opinion of the names.

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    Opposite happened to me with Beatrix, my guilty pleasure favorite name. I met this little girl named Trixie and I never wouldve thought twice about it but she was soooo cute!! and then I found out her name was Beatrix and I loved it even more. I want a little Trixie so bad but everyone I mention it to hates it That's why it must remain a guilty pleasure.
    And, in regards to your post, there are names that I would like but I know people that I dislike with the name and I could never use it. Allie, for instance, is a favorite nn of mine but I know a girl I don't get along with from college with that name and so I can no longer use it without thinking of that haha
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    Quincy. I thought it was one of the cutest things until I read about a real little boy named Quincy. It just didn't seem like they were writing about a human, and not because of anything in the piece.
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