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    Are there any names you liked until you saw them in real life?

    I've always liked the name Ivy. It was always cute in my mind. But I was at someone's house who had a dog named Ivy and then, the entire time, I felt like I was saying IV. Like they use in hospitals. So it's definitely scratched off my list haha!
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    I used to babysit a Cody who was a budding sociopath.

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    I've never had that. If anything I've had the opposite. I'll meet someone with a name and then I'll like it even more!

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    I think I did with Charlotte. Before I met a Charlotte I was head over heals for the name. More than that I had an image of what a little Charlotte would be like, a tiny little girl with a round angelic face, with blue eyes and fair hair just like my childhood doll named Charlotte. I would have used it even if it was a top ten name. But then one day a women came into the library where I work with her two daughters, one of which was a Charlotte. This was the first Charlotte I had ever encountered. Charlotte was around three or four and totally not what I pictured a Charlotte to look like. It sort of put me off the name because she wasn't how I pictured a Charlotte to be, but it also gave me a reality check. I always picture specific children along with the names I like and it made me realize that the children I imagine in my head won't be the children I'll get if I ever have children and use those names.
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    I used to like Shoshana.
    Then I heard it on GIRLS, and without knowing that Shoshana was the character's name, I though they were all saying Shauna with a stammer (sh-shauna). I spent two episodes trying to figure out how that could happen before I realised what they were saying. Now I would sadly never consider the name...
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