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    For the twins I think that Victoria and Evande make a good set and match your descriptions well. For their brother I would definitely go with Legend. As for the other man, I think Alex/Alexander would fit well.
    Good luck!
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    I think Vesper would be a good choice.
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    Calypso or Callisto, I'd go with Calypso, myself

    Main's Sister:
    Amethyst. No question, no doubt. Amethyst, definitely.

    Older Brother:
    Darn it. Do you seriously have to have such awesome names to choose from? How am I supposed to pick one? I love Peridot as a stone, but as a name, not so much. Too many people would think it was pronounced Peri-dot, not Peri-do. (as in peri-dough). I like both Legend and Mordecai...and Larkspur...but my top pick out of my faves is Mordecai; it's m,ore of a vampire name

    Man From Other Race:
    I like both names, Vesper is more what you're looking for, though.

    Out of your lists, I like these the most:
    Paz (possibly a nn for Topaz)
    Lyss (possibly a nn for Alyssa, but I like it better just as Lyss)
    Rowan (possible nn is Ro)

    I'd avoid Arwen and Vato. Arwen sounds like that Elf queen from Lord of the Rings, and Vato sounds a little like Cato from the hunger games.
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    Main Character: Verona
    Sister: Blyth
    Brother: Obsidian
    Man: Caine
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    I like Alexandra Slate best for your main character. Or possibly Saskia, if you like alliteration, that is. It's strong and easy to pronounce, but I don't think its overdone in literature either. From your list, my favorite is definitely Callisto. I love Calypso too (I guess that's obvious), but I think Callisto just embodies the strength of your character better.
    For her sister, I would pick either Amethyst or Evadne from your list - especially if you went with Callisto for the protagonist - but as a sister to Alexandra, my choice would be Christiana or Theodora EDIT - Actually, no. Make that Raffaela. In case of Saskia, Chiara (it means 'light', and I love the irony there for the girl who makes the wrong choices. Sae reason I gave my antagonist a name that means 'dove') would be my best bet.
    Brother - Mordecai. Definitely Mordecai. I also think a strong, short name would suit him well. Maybe something like Grant?
    A Man From The Other Race - I actually really like Caine for this guy. I saw another posting suggesting it for the brother, and at first I thought that was great but it's even better for this guy. From your list, Alex. Or better still, Alexei (another name that would be great on the bro...god, this is HARD.)

    Hope I helped! And happy writing
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