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    Do not name your daughter, Dylan. Daisy is very cute .

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    A sweet spot for Daisy

    I've always liked the name Dylan for a girl... it's short and sweet, yet packs a stronger, more masculine punch since it's connotation is usually for a boy's name.

    However, if you're all set on the middle name Jean, (a lovely choice by the way) I would go with Daisy. Daisy Jean rolls off the tongue easier than Dylan Jean, in my opinion; it's catchy and perhaps even slightly reminiscent of Michael Jackson's 80's hit "Billie Jean". The only downside of Daisy as far as I can see is that it could be considered a little too sweet and ultra feminine.

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    Daisy is my pick! A name that comes to mind that you might like is Daria.

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    Daisy! It's perfect with your boys' names! and Dylan is all boy to me
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    I would choose Daisy, it fits in best with Stone and Cash, plus I much prefer it to Dylan on a girl. Dylan feels very 90s to me.

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