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    Uncommon baby girl name - input please!

    My hubby and I have narrowed down our list of names to just a few, but now I'm stuck and was hoping to get some impartial feedback! He wants a very uncommon name (ideally with comic book/superhero influences) and I want something that's unusual, but still sounds feminine, strong and beautiful. My grandmother recently passed away and her name was Mae, so I'm very much leaning towards including that somehow in the name - my husband has warmed to the name Maeve, but doesn't like just Mae. So here are a few of our favorites - all input/suggestions welcome!

    Maeve Gray
    Maeve Hero
    Zhora Gray (or Zora - he likes the h, I like either spelling)
    Zhora Maeve
    Ripley Gray
    Ripley Maeve

    Also, how would everyone pronounce Maeve? I've read other threads and some say it as 1 syllable and others pronounce the "e" as a "y" - just curious as to the consensus. I like both ways :-) Thanks in advance!!!

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    I love Maeve Gray, Ripley Gray, or Ripley Maeve. Ripley Gray may be a bit too androgynous, though :c I do love it!
    Maeve is pronounced as one syllable- like May-v.

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    Love Ripley Maeve most (If our number two were going to be a girl, Ripley would be a strong contender!)
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    I like Maeve. It's pretty, it's unique. But I don't particularly like the middle names. Maeve Gray sounds a little like "Macy Gray". Hero does not seem like a name to me. I think you should pick your hero and use that name. I would pronounce "Maeve" to rhyme with "wave". What about "Maeve Zhora"?

    Ripley is not feminine. Is this the woman from the Alien movies? That is her last name not her first.

    Zhora - please spell without h. (well, at least that's my vote). If you must add "h" it goes at the end: Zorah?

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    Maeve is M ay v. One syllable. My favorites are Maeve Hero and Zhora Maeve. The flow isn't great with Maeve Hero, but I really love both names. I think Ripley is kind of terrible. I wouldn't want to name my daughter something that starts with "Rip." Ridley is a little better.
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