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    My DH always told people we were naming the baby Antarctica as a joke so Ramona was Antie or Artica
    This baby doesn't have a nickname, we just call her baby...
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    DH usually called DD something cute like Peanut, but my coworkers referred to her affectionately as Earlene. I think there were actually some people that had a hard adjusting to her real name after she was born!

    Haven't got an in utero name for this little dude or dudette yet.
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    My first two were belly bean and sprout, I can't remember how we even came up with those! This baby we have been calling baby burrito, haha. It started because I am craving Mexican food morning, noon and night even though it gives me horrid heart burn. We shorten it to BB sometimes which has lead some people to think we are having a boy and are keeping it a secret but we haven't found out the sex of the baby (yet!)
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    My cousins twins were Thing 1 and Thing 2 and her third was Peanut.

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    From almost the moment I told my husband I was pregnant, he has referred to the baby as Baby Chicken. I asked him why he kept calling the baby that and he said that with his three other children he had always had a name he called them. Josiah was Pea Pod, Stella was Mouse, and Emma was Beanie Baby. So, Baby Chicken it is.
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