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    Feb 2013
    He had a few names, among them: Bearcat, Moonrocket, Pumpkin, Roly-poly, Wild Man, Baby
    Mama to my dear little bear <3

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    Apr 2013
    Currently on the west side of the U.S.
    Our first pregnancy was jellybean, this one is peanut. But when people ask about the names we're going to use, we say whatever awful name comes to our mind first (usually Shatzy - his mom's name combined with my mom's name in a very displeasing way ).

    Pregnancy #1: lost to mc, 10/11

    Amelia Joelle arrived on 11/28/13 at 7 pounds, 4 ounces of pure beauty. Couldn't be happier to finally be mama!

    Baby #2 - another GIRL! - due 8/1/16

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    Hehe, what a cute thread! My first was Fowzi, a name my husbands niece who was 4 at the time got from a Turkish soap opera. Second was named before he was conceived. Third was O'Snarkey. My 3 year old made that one up. I have no idea where she got it!
    Mom to Rusha, Tarek, and Naseem

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    My daughter was Hedwig. My mother suggested the name not just once, but twice in the same email and so my sister and I took it and ran.

    This one is Günther, mostly because I wanted a "fun" name that went with Hedwig.
    Mom to Sylvia Caron and Linus Roman

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    I always thought I'd end up calling my kid something before they were born, but she never had a nickname...I just called her "the baby" the entire time.

    My friends took to referring to her as random first names all the time. We didn't know if it was a boy or girl, so they were always calling and saying things like "How's Edwina doing?" or "I bought the cutest hat for Ernesto". We also got Marla, Hector, Penelope, Jemima...I don't remember the rest!
    Lillian Elizabeth 6.16.13

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