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    I think any of the names on your list would be great (with the exception maybe of Connor). You have excellent taste! My favorite is Oliver. Oliver Thomas would be lovely and I think it's the perfect fit with your other kids. I also like the suggestions of Joel and Joseph for you. I think either would work with your sibset.
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    I think any of your names could work really. I think Jake/Jack and Luke might be a little too close to shout out on a daily basis, and if Luke is Luke rather than Lucas I'd go with Jake rather than Jacob.

    Luke, Elliot, Libby and Samuel nn Sam is my favourite though, and I like that each child has a different name ending but is connected by Samuel having the 'el' at the end of his name rather than the beginning like Elliot and Elizabeth, or split like Luke. I also like Oliver with your family, too.

    Other suggestions, keeping the 'el' theme:

    Alexander (love Alex with your family)
    Maxwell (Max)

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    Samuel * Thomas * Charlie * Reuben * Oliver * George

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    I think Jake is too close to Luke. I love Oliver with sibs, unless you'd call him Ollie which seems too close to Elliot to me.

    My favorites with sibs are Oliver, Isaac, Samuel, and Matthias.
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    Thanks everyone.

    Mischa - I really like Alexander, Adam and Daniel from your suggestions. Nathan and William are nice too.

    Essjay - I never noticed that link before. I like Alex too, I can't use Max as I have a nephew with that name.

    Emsky - He would probably be Ollie part of the time. I agree that it, and Jake, might be too close to my boys' names to use.

    Tfzolghadr - I really like Toby, but it was the name of my sister's dog, so I don't think the family would take to it sadly. I'm not really into surname names like Keane or Bennett, but I do quite like Reuben and Russell. And we can't call him Miles, he'd be Miles Miles if we do!
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