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    While I understand why you call it "two families," I can see how this would be hurtful for the kids to hear/feel. The children may have more than one family - Mom's family and Dad's family, for example - but together with your partner and his child, you are one family.

    For a sister for Luke, Elliot and Libby, I think Annabel is the best choice. Grace is my second choice and Amelia is my third choice. I like the nickname Belle for Annabel and Milly for Amelia.

    I'd really like to advocate for Carmen. It's a fabulous name for a girl - beautiful, a very pretty sound, and one day when she is an adult, very sexy. I love the name Carmen but can't use it because it doesn't sound right with my surname.

    I'd say no to:
    Jasmine - I love this name. I love that it's the name of a gorgeous luscious flower that smells so good. I love the subtle sexiness of this name. Unfortunately, I can't get past a negative image that is associated with this name in my general area. Where I live, Jasmine is slightly "low class," which makes me sad. Also, I find this name a bit dated.
    Ruby - Most Nameberries love it. I personally hate it.
    Molly - Boring.
    Freya - Too ethnic for me to recommend for someone not from that culture
    Phoebe - Kind of nice, kind of nerdy
    Niamh - No? This is a totally different style than all the other names suggested.
    Caitlin - No - dated, overused, and boring.
    Olivia - No - the future Caitlin.
    Current Favorites:
    Elizabeth Lily nn Ellie
    Mary Emmeline nn Maisie
    Sarah Evangeline nn Sadie

    Nathaniel nn Nate

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