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    Thanks Mischa. I like Lucy, Abigail, Rebecca, Georgina and Sophie out of the ones that haven't been suggested yet. How do you pronounce Georgiana? Is it like Georgie-anna? I've never heard this name before, only Georgia and Georgina.

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    There are two ways to pronounce Georgiana. In England, Georgiana is sometimes pronounced as "JOR-JANE-uh" but I do prefer "Georgie-ahna" myself as it's said like it's written. It was the name of Fitzwilliam Darcy's sister in Pride and Prejudice so it has a great literary pedigree as well as an aristocratic history with Georgiana Cavendish, the Duchess of Devonshire.
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    Oh, ok. I'm not sure whether I like Jor-jane-uh or not. I think I would use Georgina over Georgiana, it's just so much easier when there's only one way to say a name.

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    I like the suggestion of Rebecca, I think it ties all your names in together nicely. Love Becca and Libby, too. Abigail would be great too but Abby and Libby might be kinda cutesy...Alice or Amelia would be nice! Gwendolyn nn Gwen would be pretty, too.

    Of your list, I would nix Jasmine, Phoebe, Niamh, and Carmen...they sound odd with your other kids' names. I like Ruby a lot, if you don't think it's too close to Libby (I don't personally). Olivia is pretty cute but super popular if that bothers you. Molly is another favorite from your list, so sweet with Libby and sounds nice work Luke and Elliott too!

    Josephine nn Josie, Rose, Grace, Felicity, Nina, Theresa nn Tessa, Clara/Claire, Natalie, Margaret nn Maggie/Meg/Maisie/Daisy, Katherine nn Kate, Dinah, Cecilia, Cordelia nn Cora all go nicely with your sibset too

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    I am a huge fan of Amelia. I think it goes nicely with all three of the other names.

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