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    Random unusual names.

    These have all been added to my long list recently, about half were mentioned by my husband. Due to naming rules, I probably would never seriously consider half these but they're fun to have on the list anyways.

    What do you think of these individually, not as a sibling to Henry and Julia?

    Agni (nickname for Agnes?)
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    Aditya - unless someone has an Indian or Hindu heritage, I wouldn't use it.
    Akira - this is more of a Japanese male name for me. I think it's great - for a boy! It means "intelligent".
    Alois - I like this name but there would be pronunciation issues. I prefer Aloysius but this name comes with the same problem. This is a German BOYS name.
    Althea - this is pretty in an upper-class British aristocratic sort of way.
    Agni (nickname for Agnes?) - Just as a nn for a fuller name (Swedish Agnetha)
    Chaya - A Hebrew name popular with Jewish families.I prefer the Chaia spelling due to an unreasonable aversion to y's.
    Cleo - I prefer The Greek mythological spelling of Clio to Cleo (short for Cleopatra?). Unfortunately both spelleings are brand names. In Europe, a Renault car is called Clio and in Canada, Cleo is a ladies clothing store.
    Devi - See Aditya
    Epona - Makes me think of horses and My Little Pony.
    Fiachra - This is an Irish MALE saint name. Spelling and pronunciation may cause issues if you live outside of Ireland.
    Gaia - I like it but would people mispronounce it as "gay-uh"?
    Heidi - too cutesy for my comfort level
    Hyacinth - A great mn but as a first name all I see is snobby Mrs. Bucket on the Britcom "Keeping Up Appearances"
    Isha - sounds like a whisper
    Ismene - This is pretty and unusual.
    All the best,

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    Aditya -- Extremely popular, strictly male name for Hindus. It's lovely (when pronounced correctly), but also a very religious name - most of the gods in our pantheon are classified as Adityas and more narrowly it refers to the male sun god (most traditional Hindu names have multiple layers of meaning)
    Akira -- To me, it is very masculine. I don't know if that's a concern of yours though?
    Alois -- Same as above
    Althea -- Pretty (although I have negative personal associations w/it)
    Agni (nickname for Agnes?) -- I don't know if you referring to the Indian name "Agni", but if you are, it's pronounced "Ugh-nee", and doesn't sound at all like Agnes. It's also the name of the male god of fire.
    Chaya -- I like it. I like legitimate"y"s in names - my own name has a 'y' in it
    Cleo -- NMS
    Devi -- I find it boring and out-dated. It's the Indian version of Marie. Practically every girl/woman born 1960 - 2000 has this as her middle name.
    Epona -- cute
    Gaia -- I like it
    Heidi -- Very cute
    Hyacinth -- same as Mischa
    Isha -- Isha & Eesha are both pretty names. Currently very popular for Indian-Americans, I think because they're both easy to pronounce. I don't know if you looked up the name elsewhere, because Nameberry's description is not correct. The root of the name is "Ish" which is "god" in Sanskrit.
    Ismene -- I like the sound of it, but teasing potential (Is-many), and personally, not a fan of the character

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    How weird! I went to middle school with boys named Aditya and Akira. They were best friends

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    I had a serious thing for Fiachra before I realized it was a man's name. Boo...
    Hyacinth is awesome, I've been considering it as a middle.
    I also like Ismene (you might like Ismay too), Gaia, Epona, and Cleo.

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