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Thread: Stevie?

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    My husband threw this one at me today for a daughter. Could be cute on a little girl, and can picture it on an adult. Like that it's familiar, but not overly used. What are your thoughts on this name? Should we put in on our list, or move on?

    Any middle name suggestions?

    Thanks berries!
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    I had a friend called Stevie growing up, it was short for Stephanie. I like the name.

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    I would only use Stevie as a nn for Stephanie or maybe Etiennette, seeing as that's the French form of Stephanie.
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    Its really cute. I'm a huge Stevie Nicks fan and i would assume that if i met a little girl called Stevie that she was named after her. I think it works well as a standalone name, especially if you paired it was a longer, feminine mn eg Stevie Isadora, Stevie Elizabeth, Stevie Rosalie or Stevie Susannah would be fabulous!
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    I have a younger cousin whose full given name is Stevie. It was adorable on her when she was little; she just graduated high school and it's still great on her, especially since she's a real girl's girl. Her name kind of makes her seem a little cooler, edgier, or something.
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