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    Cool Which name would be the most fitting for my character

    I have a female character and I'm trying to decide on the perfect name for her. I have a few name ideas that I'm considering but I'm having problems deciding which name would be the most fitting.

    This character is female, she finds out on accident that her real father is a very wealthy and prominent businessman in the area, she has a half sister named Ava, this character is also in a relationship with a guy named Ethan. I want her name to fit well with her half sister's name (which is Ava), and I also want her name to flow well and sound cute with her boyfriend's name.

    Which of these names would sound best for my character?

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    Kelsey works really well. Kelsey and Ava, Kelsey and Ethan.
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    I like Calista but Kelsey also works.

    Calista and Ava isn't ideal because of the same endings but I like that they don't sound like a planned sibset and more like they ended up as an accidental pairing. Plus, if she goes by Callie most of the time then Callie and Ava and Callie and Ethan are perfect.
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    I think that Kelsey is the best option with both Ethan and Ava, but I would change Ethan to something else and use Mackenzie instead.

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    I lik Mackenzie nn Kenzie better than Kelsey, myself
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