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    Thoughts on Andrea

    My name is Andrea and I would like to know how you feel about my name.

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    I like Andrea. For a grown woman, it makes me think of a pretty businesswoman- someone who doesn't wear scarlet lipstick but instead goes for a more flattering shade of red, and can calculate large numbers in her head. For a younger girl, it has the cute, boyish nn Andie. It's got sass but still seems classy. It's not as classic as Caroline, but has more spunk. It might be a little dated, but it still has the sparkle of other dated-but-still-pretty names like Jessica.

    Did that make any sense?
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    Andrea is an intelligent, serious name. I prefer Alexandrea, but then I like Alex/Alix with everything :-).

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    I don't like Andrea pronounced awn-dreh-uh. I do like it pronounced like an-dree-uh though.

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    I feel the same about the pronunciations as katem91. I think Andy (Andie/Andi) is a good nickname for a tomboy and a girly girl can use Annie or Drea. It's a nice name.

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