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    My personal favourite would be Evelyn, but I much prefer Piper with siblings Will and Taylor.
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    I like Ottilie best.
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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    Piper and Harper have the same "unisex" feel as Taylor, while Ottilie is much more girly. Evelyn is sort of a balance between the two, it's got the girly nicknames "Eve" or "Evie" but isn't as frilly as Ottilie so would balance with Taylor much more, as well as being a classic like Will.

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    Thanks so much for your responses. There will be quite a big age gap between my older two and this next one (9 and 7 years) so feel I could go in a different direction with names. Piper had always been my fav and always what I thought I would call a second girl, until I read about Ottilie! Taylor is as her name depicts / suggests .... very sporty, spunky, active ... a stick of dynamite!!
    I had never imagined an Ottilie to be shy, bookwormy ... I kind of imagine another Taylor ... We live by the sea and lead a very outdoorsy lifestyle... so thought nn of Otti (probably dotti Otti coming from our family!)or Tilly could be quite cute in the earlier years and Ottilie when she's a bit older. Can see how Tilly is a bit frilly though!

    Thanks very much for your very helpful feedback! Does anyone know an Ottilie? Or an Ottalia (Ott-ar-lia)

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