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    Harper, Piper, Ottilie .... baby girls name help needed

    Third baby in the pipeline ......

    Love the following names but what do you nameberry's think? We are in the UK and baby will be a sibling for brother Will and daughter Taylor.

    Ottilie (we pronounce Ott-il-ee not aht-til-ee) read in a book and LOVE it!

    If its a boy we are pretty set on Hudson James.

    Thank you so much in advance!

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    Although I like and Piper are very trendy to use at the moment. I have a feeling that those names will end up dating themselves quickly. Evelyn is also pretty popular at the moment...but feels more classic. Evie is a cute nickname option. I like Ottilie, and it isn't popular at all...but be warned that some people might have a hard time with the name, since it isn't super common.

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    Ottilie is such a different style than Taylor. I see Taylor as a spunky, active, sporty girl while I see Ottilie as a shy, quiet, bookworm. I think I would go with a name that matches Taylor more in style. Evelyn is nice but more on the Ottillie side of things.

    Both Harper and Piper match the feel of Taylor to me. I like both slightly prefer Harper.
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    I really love Piper! It's one of my favourite names and it sounds lovely with little Taylor too. I don't really like Harper (nothing wrong with it, just personal taste) but it would go with Taylor and Will as well. Ottilie is so cute, and something I haven't really thought about before. It seems quite girly and frilly when compared to Taylor (and maybe even Will) though, so if you like your children's names to go together and have the same style, I wouldn't use Ottilie. Evelyn is one of my favourite middle names, but it's the same as Ottilie with your other children.

    My favourite is definitely Piper, but if you aren't concerned about the name being the same style as Taylor and Will, I'd also consider Ottilie

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    With siblings Will and Taylor, I definitely prefer Piper. I think it matches the spunky, sporty feel of Taylor.
    All your names are beautiful!
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