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    Question Slugs and Snails

    This is our list for possible future sons. I love all of them but some have their bad points. What do you think?

    First names:

    Bastien - LOVE this one! It has a very masculine feel for me and I prefer this French spelling to Bastian. It is also not very common, which we like. It doesn't however have a very inspiring meaning - "person from ancient city of Sebasta".

    Emmett - Really like Emmett, but am worried about the possible Twilight connection. Really like names starting with vowels and love the double consonants it has. It speaks honesty and calmness to me. It has also recently become quite popular and I'm not too comfortable with that.

    Keir - Like how it's short and strong. Also fond of the K names, but am worried the spelling would baffle people. Doesn't seem to be too popular, but I did vaguely know a Keir as a kid. Is that weird to use a name of someone you know?

    Leo - A lovely short, simple name. I love the -o ending. But it is becoming more and more popular. Don't really sway towards common names usually.

    Jared - An unusual choice for me. I've always loved J names, and this one is really nice but it seems a bit old for a baby.

    Finley - Love this name. It is really one of my favourites. However, I hate how it is now popular for girls. Not sure about Finley or Finlay but definitely don't like Findlay or Finleigh. As for nicknames - Finn is lovely but one -n or two?

    Middle names ONLY:

    Arthur - One of my top names of all time. Always said if I had a son he'd be Arthur. Didn't anticipate having a husband who's surname is Wright. Arthur Wright(us)... Oh dear! However, since it can't be a first name, I really want to use it as a middle. It seems strong and is an ancient name with a great history.

    Cosmo - Quite an unusual choice. I actually knew a Cosmo when I was younger. Like how it sounds like 'cosmos' but wondered about teasing potential.

    Lucian/Julian - Not too fond of having more than one child with names ending in -n. Seem too similar for me and it would become a tongue twister. However, love both of these and I think that they would make good strong middle names.

    Clancy - I love this, but husband isn't too keen. He says it's girly and not masculine at all. I sort of disagree... but. It is an Irish name, not very common. Does it seem too feminine? Is it too unique?

    Alfred - Don't normally like classic names, but Alfred seems to be an exception. I like it's long name but am worried it would get shortened to Fred which I don't like. I don't mind Alfie (but seems to common) or Freddie (could that be a nickname for Alfred?). Qould probably usually stick to the full name. Are there any other suggestions for nicknames for Alfred?

    Bryce - Like this name, but seems a bit 'old man-ish'. Do you think it is? Love the y in the middle and definitely prefer it to the Brice spelling. A bit unusual, I like how it is masculine and stong.

    Luca - Possibly a bit too common for me, but I like it all the same. Not liking Lucas/Lukas, or the name with a k instead of a c.

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