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    Names needed for short story

    Hello all!

    Unfortunately I have to write a creative story for school ...On the upside I have a good reason to be name nerdy, haha!
    I have decided that it will be a twist on the classic tale of Cinderella however this version is modern and is based around a mystery which a girl detective solves. May I please have some name suggestions for the following characters:

    Girl detective: I don't really want her name to have any relationship to Cinderella e.g. Ella, Clara, Cynthia, Cindy etc. It shouldn't be popular but not too unusual so that its hard to pronounce

    Her best friend/ co. detective: I think this character should be a boy because theirs too many girl characters haha
    Her father and real mother.

    Step Mother and two step sisters: These characters are not necessarily ugly (as pictured in the classic book), but have ugly personalities. The step sisters are twins so I think their names should have the same syllables (they dont have to be 'ugly names') .

    Thank you very much xo

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    For the detective's name, I understand not wanting it to be related to Cinderalla. You should do something that isn't trendy, or popular, and give it strength through your writing. I suggest Andi. The i over y makes it more feminine, but also makes it fierce.

    As for the best male friend, I'm fond of the name Sawyer.

    The stepsisters: Elena and Olivia.
    Stepmother: Jacqueline.

    Good luck! (:
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    Girl detective: Litzy
    Male friend: Dartagnan (pronounced 'dart-tan-yan) or Dart for short.
    Twin sisters: China and Twila
    Stepmother: Stephanie

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    Quote Originally Posted by happiness_harper1 View Post
    Girl detective: Litzy
    Male friend: Dartagnan (pronounced 'dart-tan-yan) or Dart for short.
    Twin sisters: China and Twila
    Stepmother: Stephanie
    Do you mean D'Artagnan, as in the musketeer?

    I actually like related/allusion names. But since you asked for not...

    Cinderella: Cecilia, Francine, Ashka, Olive, Saralynn
    Male Friend: Drake, Reeve, Price, Torrin, Keyn (Kee-inn)
    Stepsisters: Georgie, Francesca, Ivy, Keeley, Maureen, Isla, Tabitha, Zara, Milla
    Prince: Gregor, Clive, Warren, Norman
    I'm not feeling incredibly profound at the moment. Check back later.

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    Celianne, yes I mean the musketeer. All the names of the musketeers- Athos, Porthos and Aramis - are great names inn stories, providing you don't use them all in the same story.

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