View Poll Results: Surname Grant, a sister for Milo. Who will she be?

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  • Juniper Frances

    24 48.00%
  • Margaret Sailor

    13 26.00%
  • Ivy Somerset

    21 42.00%
  • Frances Somerset

    8 16.00%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    I also picked Juniper, but I have a special love for that name (and my husband doesn't like it so I always encourage it for others! I think it works well for all ages, and of course June is a more grown-up alternative if she prefers later.

    Having said that, I LOVE all of your names. Frances is lovely, Ivy is beautiful (but Ivy Grant kind of reminds me of University though...Ivy league + funding grant) Sailor is awesome and Somerset is so unique and special.

    My favorite combo would would Juniper Somerset Grant

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    I'm going to vote for one of the names that you didn't put in the poll.
    Genevieve! The name itself and the double G's make it perfect for the nn Gigi! Genevieve has other nn possibilities too: Gen, Ginny, Neve, Eve, Evie, Vivi, Vee
    I love the mn Somerset. It is sooo romantic! It might be a bit much with Genevieve though. You will have to be careful of some vowels if you go with Genevieve Grant.
    Good luck!

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    Ivy Somerset is quite sweet
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    Thanks everyone for your thoughts and feedback! I hadn't thought of university funding for Ivy Grant! (not really an Australian phrase but of course we are familiar with Ivy League) ... DH has joked before about Art Grant and Land Grant! ...and some of my favourite names have been crossed off the list for the same reason, for example Patience ( not to mention Hugh!).
    Anyway, thanks again, hopefully it will help clarify the thoughts in my baby brain!!
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    I voted for Juniper Frances and Frances Somerset.
    Frances is so lovely and underused. It would absolutely make my day to meet a baby named Frances.
    Frankie Grant is sweet and, in the opinion of a fellow Australian, no more nasally than Maggie Grant.
    Also, I love the name Milo but have long been resigned to the fact that it's probably not usable in Australia. Have you found the association with the brand annoying? Or does it come up less that you'd think?
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