View Poll Results: Surname Grant, a sister for Milo. Who will she be?

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  • Juniper Frances

    24 48.00%
  • Margaret Sailor

    13 26.00%
  • Ivy Somerset

    21 42.00%
  • Frances Somerset

    8 16.00%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Baby Girl Options - 6 weeks to go!

    Our surname is Grant... Baby will be sister to Milo Mitchell (if she is a girl, we don't know!)
    What do you think of the following? Feel free to make suggestions!

    Juniper Frances... still not sure if Juniper will grow well into a woman's name? Thought if we had a solid middle name, she could choose which to use later on if she didn't like Juniper.
    Margaret Sailor... nn Maggie, Sailor a reference to my parents who love sailing... But is Margaret too old lady? Just love the sound of Maggie Grant. Initials would be MSG though! Maybe need to consider another MN.
    Ivy Somerset... We are in Sydney, Australia, where Ivy is around Top 20 position... Too popular, but do I care about that? Somerset a romantic memory from my childhood, a reference to a property called that.
    Frances Somerset...nn Frankie. Just slightly concerned that Frankie Grant could get a bit nasal sounding in the Aussie accent!

    Others I like...
    Maeve - but not sure about first and last names both being one syllable.
    Genevieve - love the look of it, but still get a slight feeling of stuffiness about it...

    Thanks in advance!
    Mum to Milo Mitchell... A big brother to August Henry or (insert girls name here!!) due on August 5

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    My vote goes to Juniper Frances. I think it is lovely, and Frances does ground the combo nicely.
    moving to new account with username I like more... since we can't just change them

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    I voted for Juniper Frances. I think Juniper will sound just fine on an adult. Plus, she could always going by "June" if she thought for whatever reason that Juniper wasn't professional.

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    I think Juniper is so cute! It's unusual without being weird and it would work well on an adult. Frances goes well with it too so Juniper Frances is my definite favourite from your list

    Genevieve is one of my favourite names (it's a middle name on my all time favourites list). I don't think it's stuffy or snobby at all! It's feminine but also quite cool (to me anyway) and as for nicknames, you could go for Ginny if you wanted traditional and girly, or Vivi if you were into slightly more spunky names. Genevieve Frances would also sound really nice.

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    I picked Juniper

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