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  • Penelope

    111 75.51%
  • Leila

    36 24.49%
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    So what did you decide? I voted for Leila... Although Penelope goes well with Oliver, you'd need to like the nicknames, because Penelope is long... Leila is gorgeous, and fits her description. I also like June as a mn. Congrats!
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    I love Penelope. Leila reminds me of the old song by Eric Clapton, though and was also the name of my first puppy when i was young. Penelope has a variety of nn options and sounds professional for a grown up woman, as well.

    I'm fond of Penelope with a shorter mn like Rose or Rae (dont know why but i think the R sound is really good flow with penelope)

    At any rate, CONRGATS!!! I bet the big brother is super excited and will love her to bits no matter what you name her.

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    Well, if hubby likes Leila and Penelope is more your thing - and an AMAZING fit with Oliver - why not use a Leila-like middle name? Or use Leila as the middle name?

    So, my votes are Penelope Leia [pr. LAY-a] or Penelope Leila [pr. LAY-la]. Plus, tell hubby he can call her Penelope, Pen, Penny, Nell, Nelly, Poppy, "Ducky," the list goes on and on. It's a very versatile name!

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    Wasn't ready to part with either name so we went with Penelope Layla! It doesn't flow as well as other options but it makes me feel better to not have to let one go. I'm a huge bag of hormones! Thank you all for your
    Help and wonderful suggestions!
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