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    Elara - Pronunciation?

    My fiancé and I both like the name Elara on paper (he’s an astronomy buff, and Elara is one of the moons of Jupiter). Then it comes to saying the name out loud.

    When I first read it, I pronounced it eh-lar-ruh (soft e, similar to Elaina, but with an r in the middle), but after some research it appears that the general consensus on pronunciation is EE-la-ra with the emphasis on the e (similar to the -ie sound at the end of Sophie).

    I don’t really like the EE-la-ra pronunciation, so my questions are;

    • How did you pronounce this name when you first read it?
    • Would it be terrible to purposefully ‘mispronounce’ this fairly unusual name if we did use it for a child further down the road?
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    I said "eh-lar-uh" in my head. Purposefully mispronouncing a name is a big negative in my book, so I would move on if I didn't like the proper pronunciation...

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    The latinized version would sound like a-lara (closer to eh-lara). I also prefer it, and would automatically say it that way.You could give her a latin middle name, and correct new acquaintances who apply the Anglo- ee-lara.

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    I would also said Eh-lara, but I am foreigner. I think is not wrong to mispronounce it purposely if it such a rare name.
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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    I would pronounce it eh-LAHR-uh, like Elana (eh-LAHN-uh), and I think that is how most people living near me would say it. It's a beautiful name though - I'd never heard it before!

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