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    Soren or Severin - which is better as a brother for Gebriael, Roscoe and Cormac?

    Interested to hear people's thoughts and reasons... Gebriael is the Ethiopian form of Gabriel and is pronounced with a short 'e' as in 'bed'.

    Thanks in advance
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    I much prefer Soren, which is my top pick for a boy. Soren seems like a serious, but a quiet and intelligent name. Severin is a bit dark to me... perhaps because of 'sever' and the connection in my mind to Severus Snape. Soren I'd use as a first name, whereas Severin would only be a middle name for me...
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    I think that Severin goes better with your other boys.

    My reasoning is this: Although I do like Soren, I feel like there is a lot of "o" with Soren, Cormac, and Roscoe, and they are all 2 syllables. I think those 3 actually go really well together. Then you add Gebriael and it seems out of place. I think Severin adds a nice balance and makes all the names work together better instead of having Gebriael seeming like the odd one out.

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    Severin looks/sounds like "severing" and also seems very Harry Potter to me (Severus Snape). I just don't think it's very wearable. I'm not crazy about Soren, either (it's just not my style), but it's not as far out there. It has the same "or" sound in the first syllable as Cormac, though, which isn't ideal.

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    I completely agree with lizabethm, those were my thoughts exactly!

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