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    Ashlyn or Alana
    Bethan or Bianca
    Cara or Claire
    Danielle or Deborah
    Etta or Evangeline
    Fallon or Felicity
    Genevieve or Georgina
    Hazel or Honor - I really don't like Hazel because of a horrible girl in Libby's class.
    India or Irene
    Joely or Juliet
    Kira or Kyrie
    Libby or Lydia - My partner's daughter is called Libby!
    Morgan or Morgana
    Nicole or Natasha
    Rosa or Roxanna
    Sybil or Stella - I don't like either name, Sybil just isn't attractive to me and Stella reminds me of the beer.
    Tia or Tessa
    Willa or Wednesday

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    Ashlyn or Alana- I have a very close friend named Alana, so I'm gonna go with that.
    Bethan or Bianca- Neither, but Bianca is the better of the two.
    Cara or Claire- Simpler and more versatile
    Danielle or Deborah- Deborah is hideous
    Etta or Evangeline- Evangeline is so beautiful and princess like.
    Fallon or Felicity- Fallon kind of sounds like "Falcon" which makes me think boy. Felicity sounds like she would be happy go lucky.
    Genevieve or Georgina- I love Genevieve
    Hazel or Honor- Honor sounds trendy, plus I like the association of "The Fault In Our Stars".
    India or Irene- I had a nurse in elementary school named Irene... India isn't the best place name but it's soft and not to overpowering.
    Joely or Juliet- This is a no brainer.
    Kira or Kyrie- Kyrie feels trendy
    Libby or Lydia- Libby feels like a nickname for Elizabeth.
    Morgan or Morgana- Feels more feminine and I have bad associations with the name Morgan.
    Nicole or Natasha- Don't like Natasha, but Nicole has negative personal associations for me.
    Rosa or Roxanna- Rosa sounds like a maid.
    Sybil or Stella- Bad personal associations with the name Stella.
    Tia or Tessa- Like Tessa Gray?? Hehehehehe
    Willa or Wednesday-Willa is short and sweet
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    Ashlyn - because Alana is the real name of Honey Boo Boo Child!
    Bethan - I have Welsh heritage and I love this Welsh name.
    Cara - has a fresher sound to it than Claire
    Deborah - simply because I don't like Danielle
    Evangeline - there is only one Etta
    Felicity - because I love the nn Fliss
    Georgina - this was a tough one, but Georgina is a favorite of mine, so just edges it
    Hazel - I find Honor really trendy right now
    Irene - I think it's simply lovely
    Juliet - Juliet is in a whole other league to Joely
    Kira - not a fan of either name, but Kira looks better
    Lydia - I disilke Libby
    Morgan - although I prefer Morgan on a boy, I'm not keen on Morgana, so went with Morgan
    Nicole - I find Nicole really dated, but I still picked it, as I cannot stand Natasha (for personal reasons)
    Rosa - a clear winner for me, it's beautiful, I find Roxanna a bit "trashy" (which I know it's a popular opinion)
    Stella - Sybil is very dated
    Tessa - I love this name
    Willa - it's a proper name, Wednesday not so much!
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