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    Ashlyn or Alana
    Bethan or Bianca
    Cara or Claire
    Danielle or Deborah
    Etta or Evangeline
    Fallon or Felicity
    Genevieve or Georgina
    Hazel or Honor - I really don't like Hazel because of a horrible girl in Libby's class.
    India or Irene
    Joely or Juliet
    Kira or Kyrie
    Libby or Lydia - My partner's daughter is called Libby!
    Morgan or Morgana
    Nicole or Natasha
    Rosa or Roxanna
    Sybil or Stella - I don't like either name, Sybil just isn't attractive to me and Stella reminds me of the beer.
    Tia or Tessa
    Willa or Wednesday

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