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    First name this-or-that

    Hi berries, I have some names on my list for one reason or another that seem too similar to me. So I thought a good way to narrow it down would be by doing a this-or that type question.

    If at all possible, I would appreciate some feedback on why you picked one over the other. Thank you!!

    Chiara vs. Carys vs. Charis --- Too similar sounding/looking
    Edie vs. Eleni ---- same as above
    Lettie vs. Winnie --- they have the same ending and a "old fashioned nickname" feel
    Lucia vs. Louna --- both have "lou" sounds (Id pronounce Lucia as loo-see-uh)
    Mabel vs. Maple vs. Maeve --- all have May sounds
    Marina vs. Reina --- If I used nicknames with them, it'd be Rin and Rain... obviously that would be too close
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    Carys - this seems more classic to me. Chiara to me, even though it is a legit name, is associated with the mega 'K' names, Caitlin/Katelyn, Kayla, Kylie etc.
    Eleni - gorgeous and sultry. Edie, my only association is Edie Falco, but it seems too masculine to me.
    Winnie - I just think it is cuter.
    Lucia- I think Louna will have spelling issues and even though Luna is a cute name it me I always hear lunatic.
    Maeve - Maple is too out there for me and Mabel is just ok to me.
    Marina - I think Reina will have spelling/pronunciation issues.
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    Chiara vs. Carys vs. Charis --- I think for these, it's going to depend on your geographical location. In my area, all of those names would be mispronounced. I however think of the three, Carys is sweeter and more elegant.
    Edie vs. Eleni ---- Eleni sounds more classical, and Edie just, doesnt? Almost comes off as Eddie which I know sounds ridiculous, I'm sorry.
    Lettie vs. Winnie --- This one's tough. I love Winnie, but you have to think of that stage where every child becomes familiar with Winnie the Pooh and you never know what sort of repercussions will come with that name. That said, I think it sounds better then Lettie.
    Lucia vs. Louna --- Lucia is way lovelier then Louna, who people may pronounce Luna.
    Mabel vs. Maple vs. Maeve --- I don't want to be that person, but please don't name your child Maple. You have to remember kids are vicious (first hand experience there) and no one wants to be called Maple syrup which is bound to happen. Mabel is only slightly less horrifying in modern times. My next door neighbor's name is Mabel. She's 93. I am not saying this for comedic effect, I am very serious. Only in the past year have I come to appreciate the name Maeve. I think it's very classical, and I love its Celtic roots.
    Marina vs. Reina--- Marina? As in where you store your boats? Or maybe you pronounce it differently? Besides, Reina sounds nicer.
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    Chiara --- Love the Italian sophistication without looking like a guido.
    Eleni ---- Eleni... it's just so refreshingly different.
    Lettie --- Lettie. I knew a crazy Winnie... and I think of the Pooh.
    Lucia --- Lucia... another wonderfully Italian name... makes me want to sing Santa Lucia...
    Maeve --- Maeve... Mabel is a little too old woman, whereas Maple seems hippie. Maeve just has such a wonderful sound.
    Marina vs. Reina --- Don't really like either... what about Rania...
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    ajh: That's actually one of my worries about Chiara, so I'm glad you brought it up. It looks and sounds pretty, but then it also has that trendy sound that makes me have pause. Edie for me doesn't feel boyish, but rather... springy (I think it's the eee~ at the beginning) but I appreciate the comment. Thanks for answering my question

    redwillow: I think where I live the easiest one to wear would probably be Carys, though I'm not raelly sure. All I know is we do not have a large concentration of Italian folk here so Chiara is probably not going to be intuitive. Eddie isn't ridiculous - that would be my one concern since it is only a letter different from Edie and I could see someone who's never heard of the name calling her "eddy."

    Louna is actually a French Luna, so they'd be the same more or less. I appreciate the Maple comments even if they are negative. Gotta consider everything, after all. As far as Mabel goes, I LOVE old lady/old man names so that doesn't really resonate with me. No, I pronounce it like the word Marina but for me that would have a positive connotation.

    PS- love the quote in your sig!

    tfzolghadr: Yes, we do not want guidos, though, tragically, her grandparents did obsessively watch that one infamous show filled with them... Rania I want to like, but I can't get past "Nia" as I grew up with a horrifying girl named that. Reina I like for the sound and that it reminds me of a place I previously lived.
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