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    Alana- They're both okay, but Alana sounds much classier than Ashlyn.
    Bianca- Bethan feels very unfinished, while Bianca is gorgeous, literary, and sweet.
    Cara- Claire gets boring. Cara is fun, but I personally prefer Kara.
    Deborah- I like Deborah a lot! The nn Debby would be so cute on a modern girl.
    Evangeline- I love Evangeline- beautiful and full of adorable nn possibilities for any girl.
    Felicity- Jimmy Fallon is great, but that's all I can picture for Fallon. Felicity, on the other hand, is fabulous.
    Georgina- I'm probably in the minority here, but Georgina for sure. Georgie is a sweet nn for a spunky girl, and Georgina is awesome in itself!
    Hazel- Love love love Hazel. So sweet and pretty.
    India- I know there's controversy surrounding this name, but it's still beautiful and I'd still use it.
    Juliet- Juliet is a lovely literary name, but Joely is not very pretty...
    Kira- I like Keira best, but Kira's nice too.
    Lydia- I would only use Libby as a nn for Elizabeth. Lydia, however, is a pretty, strong name.
    Morgana- Morgana, definitely! I've known the most terrible Morgans...
    Natasha- Not keen on either, but Nicole is sort of dated and has lost its sparkle. Natasha's better, but Natalie would be fabulous.
    Roxanna- I LOVE Roxanna! Rosa, to me, will forever be the maid in Family Guy and Raising Hope (I watch too much TV...).
    Stella- I like Stella a lot- I feel like it's a name you can't go wrong with. Sybil's kinda pretty.
    Tessa- Tia means "aunt" in a few different languages. Tessa is GORGEOUS, though!
    Willa- I love the vintage feel of Willa- it reminds me of cameo broaches. Wednesday's really Addams family.
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    Ashlyn or Alana - Ashlyn is too trendy for my taste, but I really dislike -ana names (they just seem like they're trying too hard). I knew a sweet little Ashlyn once, so that's why it gets my vote.
    Bethan or Bianca - My BFF used to go by Bethan, but I always called her Bethany (her real name).
    Cara or Claire - Claire, Cara is a little dull. Cora is better.
    Danielle or Deborah - Danielle, Deborah is more dated to me.
    Etta or Evangeline - Both are lovely, but Evangeline is too fancy for me personally. I also have the name Etta in my family tree.
    Fallon or Felicity - I personally like both, but I know some people think of Fallon as a trashy soap-opera name, so I'll go with Felicity. Plus, I used to love the American Girl series when I was little.
    Genevieve or Georgina - Genevieve, because I don't like any names that end in -gina. Georgina also reminds me of the state of Georgia...meh.
    Hazel or Honor - Both are nice, but I would be more likely to use Hazel myself. Another family name.
    India or Irene - Irene, I don't like place names.
    Joely or Juliet - Juliet, Joely looks made-up.
    Kira or Kyrie - Kira, Kyrie seems very trendy/made-up to me. I'm not sure how you pronounce Kira, though. I definitely prefer Keira if that's how it's pronounced.
    Libby or Lydia - I like both, but Lydia as a stand-alone name. Libby is an excellent, underused nickname for Elizabeth, though. I knew an Olivia called Libby once.
    Morgan or Morgana - Morgan, Morgana sounds like a witch or something.
    Nicole or Natasha - Natasha, Nicole just seems so dated.
    Rosa or Roxanna - Rosa, Roxanna sounds low-class to me.
    Sybil or Stella - I really like both, but I would be more likely to use Sybil myself so I'll choose that one.
    Tia or Tessa - Tessa, I just don't like Tia. There really aren't many 3-letter names that I do like.
    Willa or Wednesday - I like Willa, but hate Willow. I don't really like days of the week as names, plus Wednesday is very much tied to the Addams family.

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    Ashlyn or Alana- Ashlyn for me, although I like the meaning of Alana.
    Bethan or Bianca- Bianca. Bethan looks incomplete to me, like it should be Bethany.
    Cara or Claire- Claire is so much more attractive than Cara. Cara sounds so bland.
    Danielle or Deborah- Deborah. Danielle feels tired but I think Deborah could come back, she has a great history.
    Etta or Evangeline- Etta is too short and nicknamey for me. I think Evangeline is so heavenly!
    Fallon or Felicity- Fallon feels so trendy, I know it's not but it does. Felicity is so joyful and happy- literally.
    Genevieve or Georgina- I've never really liked Genevieve, I don't know why. I think both sound stuffy and pretentious but Georgina would be my pick.
    Hazel or Honor- Hazel. I like word names, but not Honor. It just doesn't sound like a name.
    India or Irene- India! It's so vintage but underused. A real classic. It sounds exotic and just all around lovely.
    Joely or Josie- Josie. Joely looks made up and trashy. Like you wanted to name her Jolie but didn't want to copy Angelina.
    Kira or Kyrie- Kira although I don't love it. I REALLY don't like Kyrie. It looks like something a thirteen year old would use.
    Libby or Lydia- Lydia. She's so exotic and underused with a great sound. Libby is too nicknamey to me.
    Morgan or Morgana- Morgan is all boy to me but Morgana really feminizes it.
    Nicole or Natasha- ugh neither. I guess if I had to pick one I would go with Nicole because of the Fitzgerald connection.
    Rosa or Roxanna- Rosa. I've never been a fan of Roxanna, it sounds cheap.
    Sybil or Stella- both are beautiful but I really have been loving Sybil lately!
    Tia or Tessa- Tia sounds so eighties, I prefer Tessa.
    Willa or Wednesday- I prefer Willa. Wednesday reminds me of the Adams family and I don't love weekday names either. What significance could they possibly have to people?
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    Ashlyn or Alana - Neither is a fave but Alana is stronger to the trendy Ashlyn.
    Bethan or Bianca -Bianca has exotic flair.
    Cara or Claire - Claire is short, simple and sweet yet substantial.
    Danielle or Deborah - Neither is my style but I prefer Danielle for its French appeal.
    Etta or Evangeline - Evangeline is gorgeous to look at and to say. Etta lacks substance.
    Fallon or Felicity - The name Felicity "sounds" happy!
    Genevieve or Georgina - Genevieve is one of my favourite names.
    Hazel or Honor - Neither is a fave but I like the nature aspect of Hazel better.
    India or Irene - Irene is the name of my 101-year-old grandmother who died this year so it's a special name in my family. India comes with too much colonial baggage.
    Joely or Juliet - Juliet for its Shakespearean connection. Joely is too cutesy.
    Kira or Kyrie - I like the Irish name Ciara so I prefer Kira.
    Libby or Lydia - Lydia is a Biblical and saint name so it has history and depth. Libby is cute on a little girl but doesn't age well.
    Morgan or Morgana - For a girl, Morgan. For a boy, Morgan. There are fewer Morganas in the world!
    Nicole or Natasha - I prefer Natalia with the nn Natasha. I used to watch Rocky and Bullwinkle when I was a child and always thought that the devious Russians Natasha and Boris were hilarious characters.
    Rosa or Roxanna - Roxana is my preferred spelling but I love this names exotic vibe.
    Sybil or Stella - I love both names so it was tough to choose one. Sybil won because it's not as popular as Stella.
    Tia or Tessa - Neither is a fave but since I prefer Tess due to the Thomas Hardy novel I picked Tessa. Tia means "aunt" in some cultures so I don't see the appeal of this name.
    Willa or Wednesday - I love Willa for its vintage charm and literary association. Wednesday is better as a quirky mn choice.
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    Ashlyn or Alana - I think of a spoiled brat when I think of Alana.
    Bethan or Bianca - I knew a girl named Bianca and Bethan is missing something.
    Cara or Claire - I knew a Cara when I as in elementary school and she was really nice and pretty.
    Danielle or Deborah - My cousin's name is Danielle.
    Etta or Evangeline - Evangeline sounds so beautiful compared to Etta.
    Fallon or Felicity - I think of the American Girl doll.
    Genevieve or Georgina - Genevieve sounds so different.
    Hazel or Honor - I have a soft spot for Hazel.
    India or Irene - I view India as a very spiritual country.
    Joely or Juliet - I am a big literature fan.
    Kira or Kyrie - I don't like the "y" in Kyrie.
    Libby or Lydia - Lydia is more of a name while Libby is more of a nickname.
    Morgan or Morgana - Morgan is a unisex name. Morgana makes it more feminine.
    Nicole or Natasha - I have an Aunt Nicole and two friends named Nicole.
    Rosa or Roxanna - I love how exotic Roxanna is.
    Sybil or Stella - I don't know how to pronounce Sybil and Stella is cute.
    Tia or Tessa - Tia is different. I knew a girl named Tess and I didn't like her much.
    Willa or Wednesday - I like how Willa is short and sweet.
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