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    This or that alphabet

    Hi! I have picked my two favourite names for almost each letter. Please tell me why you picked them. Thank you

    Ashlyn or Alana
    Bethan or Bianca
    Cara or Claire
    Danielle or Deborah
    Etta or Evangeline
    Fallon or Felicity
    Genevieve or Georgina
    Hazel or Honor
    India or Irene
    Joely or Juliet
    Kira or Kyrie
    Libby or Lydia
    Morgan or Morgana
    Nicole or Natasha
    Rosa or Roxanna
    Sybil or Stella
    Tia or Tessa
    Willa or Wednesday
    πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–17 year old BritberryπŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
    πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–Writer, dreamer, loverπŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

    πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—Girls: Willa, Rosa, Genevieve, India, Ashlyn, Alana, Marina, Bianca, Amber, Honor, FallonπŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

    πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™Boys: Daniel, Elliot, Luke, Lawrence, Ronan, Aethred, Alan, Finnian, Eric, Matthew, Joe, MariusπŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

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    Ashlyn or Alana: I really dislike lyn names, but I don't like Alana. I prefer Alice.
    Bethan or Bianca: I really dislike Bethan. It seems incomplete, but Bethany doesn't help. Bianca is sprightly like Blythe.
    Cara or Claire: I really dislike Cara because it sounds like car-a. I really like Claire because it's light and airy.
    Danielle or Deborah: I really hate both Deborah and Danielle. Danielle can at least give the nn. Elle. I prefer Daisy.
    Etta or Evangeline: Etta feels incomplete. I don't like Eva or Angeline on it's own. Together, it makes a stunning name.
    Fallon or Felicity: Felicity has always been a favorite! Fallon reminds me of birds and phallic. It seems very masculine.
    Genevieve or Georgina: I don't like have Georgina contains Orgy, but it's still classic. Genevieve is beautiful as well.
    Hazel or Honor: Hazel is just nuts. Honor seems strong, even though I don't really like virtue names. Prefer Haven.
    India or Irene: Nameberry seems to think that India is insensitive. I really like the sound of India, but I don't give countries as names. I prefer Iris to Irene.
    Joely or Juliet: Joely seems trendy and yoonek. Juliet is a Shakespearen classic.
    Kira or Kyrie: Kyrie predates Christianity and is commonly used in Christian songs. Kira isn't a pretty sound: Kai-ra.
    Libby or Lydia: Libby is a nickname, not a real name. Lydia is a Bennet. Not much more to be said.
    Morgan or Morgana: Morgan is male. Morgana is female. Quite obvious.
    Nicole or Natasha: Natashais exotic. Nicole is plain and common.
    Rosa or Roxanna: I prefer Rose to Rosa. Rosa is spicy and sweet. Roxanna is trendy.
    Sybil or Stella: Sybil is classic. Stella is trendy. Sylvie is highly prefered.
    Tia or Tessa: Tia is incomplete. Tessa is a nn. for Theresa. I prefer Theresa.
    Willa or Wednesday: I don't like day names that much. Willa might not work with ever surname that a Willa may encounter.

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    Alana - It has a pretty sound, but would be too trendy-feeling for me to actually consider.
    Bianca - It used to be one of my favorite names, but I grew out of it a little. Still think it is nice though.
    Cara - Don't really like either it or Claire but I like this more than Claire.
    Danielle - Too plain but a nice name nonetheless.
    Etta - Very cute and spunky.
    Fallon - It is one of my favorite names.
    Georgina - Too cute.
    Honor - Neither are really for me but I preferred Honor over Hazel.
    India - I like it and Irene, but this is slightly more my style.
    Joely - Joely sounds very sweet. I despise Juliet, personally.
    Kira - I like it. The other name doesn't appeal to me.
    Lydia - It's all right. Neither L name I particularly care for.
    Morgana - Another all right.
    Natasha - Decent; wouldn't use.
    Roxanna - Don't like rose names. Roxanna is all right.
    Sybil - Pretty and different.
    Tessa - Like it as a name but have a bad, bad personal connection to it.
    Willa - Sweet name.
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    Alana - Though Not too fond of either. But this one sounds less trendy.
    Bianca - Lovely shakespearean name. Bethan sounds incomplete.
    Claire - It seems more overall classic
    Danielle - Both are kind of dated. But Danielle still sounds more young
    Evangeline - Very gorgeous name
    Felicity This one is beautiful. Fallon sounds so unattractive
    Genevieve - Both are nice though.
    Hazel - This one is cute and spunky.
    Irene - I've always loved this name. And I dont really like place names unless it has special meaning.
    Juliet - One of my fave names. So classic and regal. Sophisticated and romantic.
    Kira - Though I prefer the "Keira" spelling.
    Lydia - Although I'm not a big fan of Lydia...I just dont like nicknames as first names.
    Morgana - I like Morgan better on a boy.
    Natasha - Nicole is my middle name, but I prefer Natasha over it.
    Rosa - Rosa seems more classic.
    Sybil - I've never really liked Stella
    Tessa - Tia literally means Aunt in Spanish. That's just too weird for me. Could you imagine going to spain and introducing yourself as "Tia Johnson". The people there would think you said "Hi, I'm at Aunt Johnson".
    Willa - I've never seen the appeal of Willa, but I think Wednesday is a little bit too tied to the Addams Family.

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    Ashlyn or Alana - Ashlyn is one of my favourite names! It's a beautiful twist on the popular (and more masculine) Ashley and it sounds so gorgeous.
    Bethan or Bianca - I not really keen on either of these but I hate 'Bethany' type names so Bianca won. It sounds quite nice but I wouldn't use it.
    Cara or Claire - I don't like Claire but Cara is one of my favourite middle names. To blend them together, Clara is a favourite name of mine.
    Danielle or Deborah - I've had bad experiences with a Danielle so I don't particularly like it. Deborah sounds very dated and old fashioned though so Danielle is the better of the two in my eyes
    Etta or Evangeline - Evangeline sounds really beautiful and feminine, and has the lovely Evie as a cute nickname
    Fallon or Felicity - I like both of these, but Fallon is gorgeous! It's beautiful without being overly feminine and I love it.
    Genevieve or Georgina - This is one of my favourite middle names (but I also like it as a first). It's beautifully feminine and elegant but stops short of being stuffy or snobby.
    Hazel or Honor - I'm not keen on either of these but seeing as I don't like virtue names (the exception being Prue as a middle name) Hazel wins.
    India or Irene - There's not many place names that I like (Alaska and Arizona as firsts and Savannah and Dakota as middles) but India is really cute
    Joely or Juliet - I love Juliette (spelt like this)! It's girly but also strong and as an English Literature student and avid reader/writer, I also love it's connection to Shakespeare
    Kira or Kyrie - I'm not keen on these but Kyrie sounds a lot like Kylie which, in my mind, sounds quite tacky and almost trashy, so Kira wins.
    Libby or Lydia - I think Libby is cute but I'd use it as a nickname and not an actual full name.
    Morgan or Morgana - Morgana is really cute and sounds quite exotic and elegant.
    Nicole or Natasha - This is the better one out of these, but I prefer Nicolette which I think sounds more elegant (I like longer versions more)
    Rosa or Roxanna - I really like Roxanne so Roxanna is really cute. Rosalie is one of my top favourites however so if it had been Rosalie or Roxanna, Rosalie would have won hands down.
    Sybil or Stella - I don't like either of these but Sybil sounds more spunky that Stella. Also, when I think of Stella I think of alcohol so if someone were to name their child something like this my mind would jump straight to alcohol.
    Tia or Tessa - This sounds more elegant in my mind. I really like Thea though which is very similar to Tia.
    Willa or Wednesday - Day or month names can't win for me. I'd find it weird if a child was named Wednesday and they weren't born on Wednesday, but I'd find it even more weird if they were born on Wednesday! I don't like these sorts of name so Willa wins.

    Out of your list, my favourites are definitely Ashlyn, Fallon, Genevieve, India and Juliet(te)

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