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    Etta Marlo??? WDYT?

    I'm currently still in my first trimester, so am only just starting to toss around names. I have a daughter named Lilia Paige, a name I had picked out for my first girl, long before she was even suggestion and luckily enough my husband thought it was pretty enough to bestow on our child. After setting sites on her name for so long I felt completely stumped at the idea of finding another girls name.

    The week before I found out we were having another baby the name Etta Marlo (not sure on marlo spelling yet) kept randomly coming into my mind, names I had never considered before. Then I found out I was pregnant and felt almost as tho it was my unborn daughter introducing herself.... a little crazy I know but the more I think about the name the more I adore it.

    I think if its a girl Etta will definetly win, I thought about going a fuller name and using Etta as a nn but Etta is what I like most and would want to use so I may aswell call her Etta.

    As for Marlo I'm not sold.... Etta Marlo kinda feels like its trying to hard or too much of the vintage vibe at once.... not sure tho because I really do Like the way it sounds.

    Etta Ruby is another option as Ruby is my sisters name and I'd love to use it, just not sure if it's for Etta.

    what do you think? What would you pair with Etta to freshen it up?

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    I absolutely adore Etta! It brings to mind the soulful classiness of Etta James... Marlo doesn't fit with it, imho. Marlo sounds like an awkward, lanky teenage girl. Etta Ruby is nice, but I prefer a slightly longer name with Etta...

    Etta Genevieve
    Etta Violet
    Etta Jessamine
    Etta Josephine
    Etta Simone
    Etta Sabine
    Etta Coralie
    Etta Coraline
    Etta Caroline
    Etta Briony
    Etta Christiane
    Etta Felicity
    Etta Lavender
    Etta Madeline
    Etta Margot
    Etta Marigold
    Etta Maryam/ Miriam
    Etta Marjoram
    Etta Marjorie
    Etta Maeve
    Etta Nadine
    Etta Noemi
    Etta Penelope
    Etta Rosemarie
    Etta Rosemary
    Etta Renee
    Etta Vivian
    Etta Valerie
    Currently exiled from the US

    Emiliana Pari 郑煜曈 '14
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    I love it! Etta is one of my favourites, its so sweetly vintage. I think it stands alone very well and is lovely with Lilia.

    Marlo is really growing on me recently, i although i prefer the Marlowe spelling. I works so well with Etta because of the soft sound and it is wonderfully unexpected. I do prefer it to Etta Ruby- although that is a lovely combination too. The only thing i would say about both combos is the 2-2 rhythm, maybe Etta would flow better with a 1 or 3 syllable middle:
    Etta Rosalie
    Etta Susannah
    Etta Penelope
    Etta Pearl
    Etta June/Jane
    Etta Blythe
    ~ Mama to Juniper and Arlo ~

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    I like Etta Ruby better than Etta Marlo, plus the connection to your sister is nice.

    Some other ideas:

    Etta Winifred
    Etta Juniper
    Etta Justine
    Etta Poppy
    Etta Maribel
    Etta Constance
    Etta Margaret
    Etta Vivienne
    Etta Catherine
    Etta Blair
    Etta Calliope
    Etta Ivy
    Etta Faye
    Etta Gabrielle

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    Etta is gorgeous, but Marlo is not really my cup of tea - it makes me think of the film 'Marley and Me' for some reason? I think also that the two-two syllable count makes it sound a bit static, whereas Lilia Paige flows so beautifully - perhaps something a bit longer might be nice? I love Etta Genevieve as previously suggested, and Etta Marguerite is stunning too (I actually like Etta as a nickname for Marguerite as well!) Good luck - Etta is a lovely, underused choice, and Etta and Lilia are beautiful toegther.

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