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    Your thoughts on Vesper

    One of the names we are considering for our baby if it is a girl is Vesper. I am wondering what your associations are with this name? Do your thoughts jump to James Bond or Evening Prayers? Or nothing at all? Do you think this is a name that would wear well both in childhood and adulthood? Does it seem tacky to you because it was used in a movie? Honest thoughts greatly appreciated!
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    I love it and hope to use it for a middle name someday. My mind does jump to evening prayers, but mostly because around Christmas my college alma mater puts on Vespers services that are very beautiful and renowned in my area (which is why I like it for a middle for me, it has personal meaning). I don't think James Bond because I've never seen the movie so I can't really speak to that, but I think it would be fine on any age person.
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    It makes me think of the Bond girl, but that's fine with me. I am a big fan of that franchise of movies.

    I think Vesper is beautiful and very unexpected.
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    I have more association with evening prayers than Bond, never seen the movie. However, I mostly associate with Vesper Holly, the spunky protagonist of the Llyod Alexander YA novel series. I would consider it myself, but all V fns are banned because we have a V surname. (Not a fan of alliteration, but especially with double Vs it seems harsh and cartoonish.)

    I think it's lovely and fits well with your sibset. Just like Isla & Freya, it's unexpected, a little fresh, lovely in an understated way, very feminine, but not frilly at all.

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    I really love the name but where I'm from its a scooter name so generally that's what comes to mind when I hear it

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