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    Late Announcement

    It is likely no one remembers me, but I wanted to share my announcement anyway. My husband and I welcomed our second son April 10, 2013. He was healthy and wonderful and came out looking just like his dad.

    I asked Nameberry for help in choosing a name, so I thought I would share which name we chose. The baby remained unnamed for a few hours after delivery while we made our final decision. In the end we decided he looked too much like a Milo not to go with it.

    We named him Milo Sebastian. Big brother Liam calls him Mellow Milo because he has been such a pleasant baby. We're thrilled.

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    Congrats! Milo sebastian is a great name
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    Milo Sebastian is a dream - I absolutely love it! Congratulations!
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    Oooh yay! Not only do I love his name but he was also born on the same day as Gemma!

    I loved Milo a lot for my second son as well, although I would've pronounced it ME-LOW. Everyone hated that idea though.
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    Congrats to you on the safe arrival of your second son, Milo Sebastian. A wonderful choice! Welcome to the world, Mellow Milo!
    All the best,

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