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    Thoughts on my new list?

    I am not expecting, or married, but I love names. I am lesbian, and plan on having a double barreled last name. My last name is 2 syllables and starts with an L, so my last name may be very long. I worry about of a few of my favorite names being too long for a long last name.

    Caroline Violet
    Vivienne Aurora (Aurora honors my mother whose middle name is Dawn, and it has the same meaning as Aurora. But is this combo too pretentious?)
    Penelope June
    Annabelle Kate
    Imogen Belle/Kate (Cannot decide which I like better!)
    Lauren Isobel (After my grandfather who was named Larry, who died in May. I love the nn Wren for Lauren)
    Cecelia Genevieve (Too much of a mouth full?)
    Genevieve Celia (Same problem as Cecelia Genevieve)

    So, thoughts on these names?

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    I wouldn't worry too much on the surname. Length because of two names together tends to not feel as long as one long name. And by the time you get around to kids your feelings may have changed and you and your partner/wife may want to give the kids just one of your names, or even create a new joint last name. (Not to mention you'll want to consider her taste in first and middle names too : D!)

    Caroline Violet - both names are gorgeous. They are both 3 syllables which can be an awkward rhythm, but it's not terrible. If your last name incorporates your L, particularly at the beginning, that may or may not sound a little repetitive after the line in Caroline.

    Vivienne Aurora - I don't find it particularly pretentions, no, although there is the 3-3 rhythm. Vivienne Aurelia?

    Penelope June - a really nice combo and I think the initials PJ are adorable. I have long loved both Phoebe June and Phoebe Junia, if that hits enough of the same notes for you - and it's shorter. Penelope may have the L issue that Caroline might (although depending on the last name the repeated L could sound pleasant, it just depends).

    Annabelle Kate - nice names, good rhythm. If the last name starts with L, Annabelle may run into it.

    Imogen Belle/Kate - both are quite nice, I'm partial to Imogen Belle.

    Lauren Isobel - both quite nice! I also love Laura. I think Wren works a little more naturally on its own than as a Lauren nn, but you certainly could make it work. Again potential L considerations.

    Cecelia Genevieve - pretty. Somewhat of a mouthful. I prefer the Cecilia spelling (not strongly). Possible L considerations

    Genevieve Celia - also pretty. Also somewhat long.

    Based on your tastes....some considerations:

    Cora Violet
    Celia Genevieve
    Celia Geneve
    Geneve Celia
    Geneve Cecelia
    Genevieve Ciel
    Geneva Ciel
    Imogen Laurel
    Vivienne Aura
    Imogen Eve
    Annabelle Eve

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    For middle names at least, I don't think the length matters so much. Your child won't be using a middle name on a regular basis, so if you are worried about length, I'd focus more on your first name not being so long that it seems like too much.

    Most of your first names are on the longer end of things, so you could potentially either use some of the ones you're using as middle names in the first name spot (Such as Celia - it is similar to Cecelia but a little bit shorter, or June which is lovely).

    Personally, these are the names I like from what you have here:

    Caroline Violet
    Vivienne Aurora (I prefer the Vivian spelling though)*
    Penelope June
    Imogen Belle
    Lauren Isobel
    Cecilia Genevieve
    Genevieve Cecilia

    Dislike: Annabelle Kate, Imogen Kate

    Possible "shorter" combos from them:

    Violet Aurora
    June Cecelia
    Celia Lauren
    Lauren Belle
    Vivian Kate * shorter spelling of Vivienne
    Isobel Celia

    *I don't think any of these names are pretentious. They are names that I see around a lot so they're more in the fashionable crowd than anything else.
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    I love Penelope June, Imogen Belle/Kate/Eve, and Lauren Isobel! The others are frilly for my taste, but nice names. Sounds like you know what you love, so kid's just gonna have a long name. Or kids. I would have never thought of this myself, but saw on another thread once the suggestion that you just try to keep it short enough to fit on standard government/school/hospital forms etc.
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    Caroline Violet - it's a very pretty combo, but Caroline is one name I really can't stand, sorry
    Vivienne Aurora - I like it. Vivienne Dawn is prettier though and still honors your mother
    Penelope June - this is one of my favorite names!
    Annabelle Kate - I like this one, it flows really well
    Imogen Belle/Kate - I don't really like Imogen, but Imogen Kate is my preference here
    Lauren Isobel - very pretty, although I think the spelling Isabelle is better
    Cecelia Genevieve - pretty, Cecelia isn't a favorite for me, and it's also kind of long
    Genevieve Celia - ^^ same, but maybe Genevieve Cece or Genevieve Celia
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