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    I love both, too. I kind of liked Delphine for a middle name (because of the stress on the second syllable) and am very partial to Daphne as a first because my friend's daughter, who is two, is named Daphne. She is the most bubbly, adorable girl EVER. Her nickname is daffodil. And I really wouldn't worry about Scooby-Doo like others have mentioned, because the Daphne I know actually ended up having red hair (it faded to a strawberry blonde) and any associations made are not negative ones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ashthedreamer View Post
    I love both. I would pick Daphne for a FN and Delphine for a MN. I find it hard to see someone with the name Delphine--what's her personality like? Is it wearable?--but the idea of pushing my beloved Daphne into the MN spot sort of kills me inside.
    Pretty much my thoughts as well. However, on certain days, I can imagine a cute little Delphine with brown hair and blue eyes. Maybe it's my love of dolphins that makes it a little more cute and wearable to me. Daphne, sweet Daphne, I really do like her as a first name; I just can't see Daphne in the middle slot.
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