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    Wow, big win for crowd-sourcing and the nameberry aesthetic -- you have hit on a number of the ones that I have thought of and given me some new ideas! Thanks so much for the suggestions. I love Theodore Felix - both Theo and Teddy as well as a number of these others... I also had read Pip was a nickname for Philip which I like (but a fan of Phil). I love the name Leo too but my sis just named her son that so I think it is off limits. Now to work on the hubs... Thanks again

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    ps Calvin and Maxwell are others that we both like, are also fans of Jack (fits with the nn) but don't like that there is no long version

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    Reading the thread:

    Theodore Felix - This is a handsome combination. If you love it, I think it fits very well with your older children.
    Philip - Like it; it needs more love.
    Leo - If I had a sister, and she used a name, it'd be off limits for me. Sad, as Leo is a fine name.

    Calvin - Cool name with two great built-in nicknames: Cal and Vin (or Vinny if you please)
    Maxwell - It's all right. Not a big Max name person myself.
    Jack - Cute on its own, but if you are looking for potential larger forms... Jonathan "Jack" or Jacoby "Jack" could be options. Jackson too, but I don't see that as fitting your name style and I personally don't like Jackson anyway : P
    moving to new account with username I like more... since we can't just change them

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    LOVE Theodore Felix for you! Some other suggestions, I'll try not to repeat pp's...
    Henry (Harry)
    Harrison (Harry/Haz)
    Nathaniel (Nate)
    Gabriel (Gabe)
    Andrew (Andy/Drew)
    Daniel (Dan/Danny)
    Thomas (Tom/Tommy, I also know a Thomas that goes by Toby if you like that!)
    Robert (Robby/Bobby)
    Richard (Ricky)
    James (Jamie/Jimmy)

    I was thinking you could also do an initial nickname like James Dashiell with the nn JD?

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    I love James nn Jamie or Jem, Robert nn Rob, Calvin nn Cal.

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