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    Sib for Margaret Blythe (Maggie) and William Declan (Will)

    We are expecting our third, a boy... big sister is Margaret Blythe (Maggie) and brother is William Declan (Will). Classic first names w/ fun nickname and more unique middle. DH has an aversion to most "boring" boy names so has vetoed the likes of Charles (Charlie), George, Edward (Teddy). I am also partial to Nicholas (Nick) but he has an issue as he has a grandparent with that name and he's anti- family name. He hasn't officially vetoed Thomas yet. Curious for open-ended suggestions before polling on some of the ones he hasn't tossed out! Also, I love Felix as a middle name so bonus if it works

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    Theodore Felix came to mind. You could call him Teddy or Theo

    Philip is another first name I think fits in. Maybe Philip Leo? Nickname could be Pip if you don't like Phil

    Augustin Felix nickname Gus

    Do you like any of those?

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    caty_beth89 Guest
    Theodore Felix was also the first thing I thought of. Maggie, Will, and Teddy or Theo is an absolutely adorable sib-set.

    Benjamin Felix (Ben or Benji)
    Andrew Felix (Andy)
    Alfred Felix (Alfie)
    Leonard Felix (Leo)
    Henry Felix (Hank)
    Edmund Felix (Teddy)
    Franklin Felix (Frankie)
    John Felix (Jack)
    Maxwell Felix (Max)
    Oscar Felix (Ozzy)

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    Theodore Felix is awesome! It fits great with the set.

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