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    Yeah, The Black Forest is right at the border isn't it? So I guess if you family came from that area, they could technically have lived across the border, in Switzerland. There are some beautiful Swiss places with lovely names there though, if you're interested. I'm not usually a fan of place names, but really, Switzerland can't be beat on spectacular scenery and beautiful air combined with lovely names. Cities, lakes and mountains together!

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    Alas, that's what I expected. Ebony, I've only known one Swiss person, and he was a Benjamin. Pretty normal there, too!

    @thatkathryngirl - Thanks for the list! I found a lot of those really interesting! Using a Romansh name seems weird, though, as my family was from the German portion of Switzerland...

    @ottilie - Basel, Geneva, and Winterthur are lovely and all very interesting! I love Winter, but Winterthur is really intriguing. Like a mash-up of Winter and Arthur or something. Hmm. I talked to my dad tonight, and looked at the family tree, and I have discovered that both are true--the Kauffmanns are from the Wurttenberg (also Mosberg, I believe?) area of Germany, but a family that married into the Kauffmann family, the Machmers, are from across the country line in Switzerland. I'm not sure where in Switzerland, but my dad says he has a letter somewhere proving relations to the Swiss Machmers. I don't think I mentioned it here, but what got this all started (besides the "We're not German!" comment, which is weird, since we obviously are!) is a little conversation I had with my dad where he said there might be a chance that my Kauffmann family and Martin Luther's head secretary/assistant/aide, who apparently was also a Kauffmann, are directly related. The Kauffmanns I'm related to (and their descendants) are all staunch Lutherans, and my dad has traced the Kauffmanns back to a Jacob Kauffmann who was born in Wurttenberg in the 1600s. And one of my dad's uncles told him of the possibility of being related to Luther, I find it all really intriguing! Until this point my family tree was filled with strange Americans who were involved in illegal gambling and were prisoners in Ohio, and relations to American celebrities, like Dwight Eisenhower (the president) and Patsy Cline (the singer)--all the European stuff is so much more interesting, haha. Apparently I have family from Margate/Isle of Thanet in Kent, as well, and now I'm just itching to see where all these ancestors came from.
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    Eh, I don't think so. I've known one Swiss person and her name is Amelie.

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