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    Totally a boy name (there is a girl variant, but it isn't pronounced the same). I know like, 15 guys named Luca (all from Italy), it's very masculine to me.
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    Luca is most definitely a boy's name! I went through a very similar worry when we were considering the name and after asking hundreds (literally) of people, I only had one say that she initially thought it was a girl's name.

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    I'm not Itallian and know very few people of Itallian origin, so I have no real life experience with the name Luca. But in my own mind, I've always thought Luca did sound very feminine. I'm sorry, that's just my opinion. To be fair, I always thought Micah, Ezra, and Asa sounded extremely feminine as well.
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    Suzanne Vega had a song in the late 80s called "Luka." I know many of my friends cite this as a reason for thinking of this name as feminine. However, the "Luka" in the music video is a little boy. I found an interview with Vega that states she choose the name, Luka, because:

    “It’s universal. It could be a girl or boy and it could be any nationality," in regards to her song about child abuse. (

    As others have mentioned, Luca is a traditional Italian male name, and there's even Gianluca, too. Luka is a traditional Slavic-based male name (Russian, Serbian, Crotian, Slovene, etc). Also, comments on mention it as a unisex name in the Netherlands.

    I think it works.
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    Luca isn't feminine, it's the Italian variation of Luke.

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