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    How would you honor Martin Luther...

    without actually using Martin or Luther? My dad is big into the whole family tree thing, and he recently shared that it's a possibility that one of our ancestors was an aide to Martin Luther (which I find, quite frankly, amazing. I've grown up looking up to the reformers and martyrs of Christendom, and a tie to Martin Luther is just too cool, imo!). I like the idea of incorporating that into my list somehow, but I'm not terribly fond of Martin (which feels a bit drab and mid-1900s to me) or Luther (which is okay, and interesting, but I can't help but only think of Lex Luthor and Luther Vandross, which aren't really what I'm going for). Any ideas? I figure Caleb 95 Theses "Roberts" wouldn't be the best combo...
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    Lux/Luz (though I prefer these ones for girl)

    EDIT: Maybe Calvin, after John Calvin and Calvinism? He was another reformer whom I believe based his work off of Martin Luther.

    EDIT 2x: Or potentially ML as your son's initials?
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    You could name a son Paul or Augustine after his religious influences or Hans or Johannes after his father. Or, Frederick after Frederick III who harbored him. You could also go with Katharina (after his wife) or Magdalena, Margarethe or Elisabeth (after his daughters) for a girl.
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    I like Martin Luther, too.
    Here's what I've got. Some of them are a bit of a stretch, I'll admit.
    I like the suggestions of Augustine or Paul as those were Luther's main influences.
    Wittenburg- as that was where Luther first posted the 95 thesis.
    Roland or Bainton as he is the foremost Lutheran scholar.
    Saxon or Saxony - the area of Germany where Luther did most of his ministry
    Beaufort- The Beautiful Fort- a nod to "A Mighty Fortress is Our God" Luther's most famous hymn. Other names that mean fort/fortress or something similar- Caerwyn, Carlyle, Cary, Lancaster, Shea, Thurl
    Luther was traveling with a man named Justus Jonas when he died. I like Jonas better than Justus but I think both are usable.
    Luther's last words were- "We are beggars. It is true." Names that mean true- Emmett, Verity, or Alethia (for a girl). The name Deacon comes from a greek word which means servant. So, not quite the same as beggar but it is a nice name IMO.
    Amadeus/Amedeo/Amadeo mean Lover of God, which could be a general association with your lineage.
    Do you know what your ancestor was named?

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    Maybe you could use the initials ML? Marston Lucas? Merrick Levi?
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