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    District 3: The Carringtons

    DH: Evander Carrington; 35 - engineer
    DW: Ariadne Carrington; 34 - technician
    -- won the Hunger Games

    DS: Mason Carrington (37)
    -- DS: Leander (12)
    -- DD: Mina (10)
    -- DS: Jesper (7)

    DD: Maelyss Carrington (36; won the Hunger Games)
    -- DD: Pernille (11)
    -- DS: Felix (6)

    DS: Calum Carrington (33; deceased; reaped into Hunger Games)

    DS: Caelan Carrington (33)
    -- DS: Calum II (5)

    DD: Amelie Carrington (30)
    -- DD: Aria (7)

    DS: Luka Carrington (29)
    -- DS: Russell (6)
    -- DS: Everett (2)

    DS: Axel Carrington (26)
    -- DD: Linnea (5)

    DD: Lila Carrington (26)
    -- DD/DD: Charlotte & Genevieve (3)

    DD: Hanna Carrington (24)
    -- DS: Reece (2)

    DD: Hazel Carrington (21)
    -- DS: Kian (3)
    *~~Savanna Marie, Aria Kathleen, Scarlett Ann, Genevieve Leigh, Emery Lucille~~*

    *~~Zachary James, Nicholas Robert, Theodore John, Daniel Joshua, Benjamin Oliver~~*

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    Baudelaires from District 2 (Generation 3)

    1. Niamh Tegan Baudelaire (straight blonde hair and electric blue eyes) & Levi Peeta Yarrow (dirty blond hair, brown eyes)
    D: Linnea Mathilde (straight dirty blonde hair, blue eyes), age 15
    D: Piper Ivy (blonde hair, green eyes), age 12

    Niamh was reaped at age 16 and won the Hunger Games. Her husband, Levi, was the son of her training coach. Neither of her children have been reaped yet.

    2. Eden Imogene Baudelaire (thick, straight dark-red hair and green eyes) & Cassiel Emanuel Torence (black hair, blue eyes)
    D: Scarlet Aria, (thick, straight dark-red hair and blue eyes), age 17
    S: Soren Anders (blonde hair and blue eyes), age 15
    S: Samuel Aries (black hair and green eyes), age 13

    Eden married just out after finding out she would no longer be a candidate for reaping (she never participated in the Hunger Games). She has never worked, and is married to a peacekeeper from the Capitol. Scarlet is engaged, and is unlikely to be reaped, as her name is in only once. Soren was named after Eden's deceased sister Seren, and Samuel after her favourite brother.

    3. Kenneth "Neth" Edwin Baudelaire (curly dark-red hair, hazel eyes) & Melia Cady Arwin (brown hair, brown eyes)
    D/S: Saga Hedvig & Hugo "Hugh" Sixten (Saga has dark red hair and brown eyes, Hugh has brown hair and hazel eyes), age 13

    Neth was never reaped. He works as a stonemason, where he met his wife Melia. Neither of their children has been reaped yet.

    4. Jude Reuben Baudelaire (curly auburn hair, brown eyes) & Isabeau Rosemund Shye (auburn hair, brown eyes)
    S: Caleb Gabriel (curly auburn hair, brown eyes), age 18

    Jude is a peacekeeper as is Isabeau. Caleb strives to work in the same field.

    5. Hazel "Hail" Mary Baudelaire (straight blonde hair, hazel-grey eyes) & Jehan Darius Scott (red hair, brown eyes)
    S: Redmond Darius (red hair, brown eyes), age 19
    D: Elin Mary (blonde hair, hazel-grey eyes), age 15

    Redmond currently works as a stonemason alongside his father. Elin enjoys hunting, and wants to compete in the Hunger Games to avoid a life of masonry.

    6. Seren Maryam Baudelaire (curly dark-red hair, electric blue eyes)

    Seren was reaped at age 13 and was killed in the final six. Her sister Niamh was her mentor.

    7. Samuel Jared Baudelaire (long, shaggy straight black hair, grey eyes) & Jessa Maelys Cain (blonde, blue eyes)
    D: Delilah Jess (messy black hair, blue eyes), age 17
    D: Hero Maelia (blonde hair, grey eyes), age 12
    D: Seren Cain (auburn hair, blue eyes), age 9

    8. Samuel is a brick-layer, and Jessa a peacekeeper's daughter. Despite their different backgrounds, they fell in love and got married. They have three daughters. Delilah is named for her grandparents, Hero for her other grandparents, and Seren for her aunt.

    9. Elinor Floris Baudelaire (thick, straight dark-red hair, electric blue eyes) & Mason Emery Wallis (curly blonde hair, green eyes)
    D: Merida Floris (curly red hair, green eyes), age 17
    D: Saskia Wallis (straight blonde hair, blue eyes), age 13

    Merida was reaped for the Hunger Games at age 16 and won. Saskia has not been reaped.
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    District 7 (Lumber)

    The Blakewood family

    DH: Aeneas John (Red hair, Hazel eyes) - reaped - Carpenter
    DW: Deirdre Mary (Blonde hair, Grey eyes) - Apothecary

    DD: Cassandra Scarlett (Brown hair, Hazel eyes) - 35 - Apothecary
    DH: Damon Edward Wolfe (Brown hair, Green eyes) - 36 - Store Owner
    DD: Irene Mathilde (Brown hair, Grey eyes) - 11
    DS: Mathias Vincent (Auburn hair, Brown eyes) - 7

    DS: Theo Tristan (Red hair, Blue eyes) - 33 - Carpenter
    DW: Astraia Margaret (Red hair, Brown eyes) - 31 - Store Owner
    DD: Lucy Annabelle (Red hair, Blue eyes) - 10
    DS: Henry Alexander (Auburn hair, Grey eyes) - 8
    DS: Harvey Andrew (Auburn hair, Grey eyes) - 8

    DD: Ciara Autumn (Red hair, Brown eyes) - 32 - Carpenter
    DH: Leander William Barlow (Black hair, Green eyes) - 36 - Lumberjack
    DD: Linnea Imogen (Brown hair, Blue eyes) - 12
    DS: Lucas Theodor (Black hair, Hazel eyes) - 10
    DS: Leo Wilhelm (Auburn hair, Green eyes) - 7
    DS: Logan Jesper (Red hair, Green eyes) - 5

    DD: Julia Saffron (Auburn hair, Hazel eyes) - 32 - Apothecary
    DH: Fintan Thomas Eastham (Auburn hair, Hazel eyes) - 33 - Lumberjack
    DS: Frederick Ian (Auburn hair, Grey eyes) - 10
    DD: Johanna Mae (Red hair, Hazel eyes) - 9
    DD: Victoria Linn (Blonde hair, Green eyes) - 7

    DD: Noelia Violet (Blonde hair, Grey eyes) - 29 - Lead Climber
    DH: Liber Andrew Ingram (Auburn hair, Blue eyes) - 29 - Lumberjack
    DD: Stella Astrid (Red hair, Brown eyes) - 6

    DS: Xavier Clement (Red hair, Hazel eyes) - 26 - Carpenter
    DW: Maeve Florence (Blonde hair, Green eyes) - 27 - Carpenter
    DD: Iona Madeline (Blonde hair, Hazel eyes) - 6
    DS: Dominic Elliot (Auburn hair, Blue eyes) - 3
    DS: Simon Joseph (Black hair, Brown eyes) - 1

    DS: Marcus Lachlan (Blonde hair, Grey eyes) - 25 - Store Owner
    DW: Aurora Pearl (Blonde hair, Green eyes) - 23 - Apothecary
    DS: Felix Russell (Red hair, Grey eyes) - 4

    DD: Georgia Jasmine (Brown hair, Green eyes) - 22 - Store Owner
    DH: Orion Clarence Maxwell (Blonde hair, Brown eyes) - 28 - Lumberjack
    DS: Adrian Elias (Blonde hair, Green eyes) - 2
    DD: Helene Lucille (Brown hair, Blue eyes) - NB

    DD: Carolina Hazel (Red hair, Hazel eyes) - 20 - Apothecary
    DH: Ulysses Peter Brown (Auburn hair, Grey eyes) - 25 - Lead Climber
    DD: Eva Gabriella (Red hair, Hazel eyes) - NB
    DS: Edvard Sebastian (Blonde hair, Hazel eyes) - NB
    DD: Emma Alexandra (Auburn hair, Grey eyes) - NB
    DS: Erik Maximilian (Blonde hair, Grey eyes) - NB

    Aeneas and Deirdre Blakewood
    Damon and Cassandra Wolfe
    Irene and Mathias Wolfe
    Theo and Astraia Blakewood
    Lucy, Henry, and Harvey Blakewood
    Leander and Ciara Barlow
    Linnea, Lucas, Leo, and Logan Barlow
    Fintan and Julia Eastham
    Frederick, Johanna, and Victoria Eastham
    Liber and Noelia Ingram
    Stella Ingram
    Xavier and Maeve Blakewood
    Iona, Dominic, and Simon Blakewood
    Marcus and Aurora Blakewood
    Felix Blakewood
    Orion and Georgia Maxwell
    Adrian and Helene Maxwell
    Ulysses and Carolina Brown
    Eva, Edvard, Emma, and Erik Brown
    Proud Tante to two beautiful princesses and a handsome prince

    Girls - Gemma Rose Audrey, Camellia Kimberlin, Helena Anneliese, Priscilla Imogen, Lavinia Opal, Elsa Lorraine, Kerensa Violet, Agatha Lucille, Lela Hannelore, Celia Evangeline, Jordana Ivy, Zuzana Bethany, Bettina Frances

    Boys - August, Jude, Matthias, Dominic, Jerome

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    District 11: Agriculture
    LN: Forrester

    DH (57): Cael Isaac
    -auburn hair, grey eyes
    -not reaped into the hunger games when younger

    DW (56): Bridget Sadie
    -black hair, blue eyes
    -not reaped into the hunger games when younger

    DS (30): Aidan James
    -auburn hair, blue eyes
    DW (28): Delaney Reese
    -brown hair, blue eyes
    --DS (7): Brayden Julian
    ---black hair, blue eyes

    DS (27): Tyler Cameron
    -black hair, blue eyes
    DW (27): Makenna Leigh
    -blonde hair, green eyes
    --DD (3): Sophia Rose
    ---black hair, blue eyes

    DD (25): Chloe Isabel
    -auburn hair, green eyes
    DH (28): Caden Matthew
    -blonde hair, brown eyes
    --DD (2): Aubrey Eva
    ---brown hair, blue eyes
    --DD/DS/DS (nb): Emma Katherine/Jayden Tristan/Callum Jacob
    ---blonde hair, green eyes/black hair, hazel eyes/black hair, blue eyes

    DS (24): Connor Lucas
    -blonde hair, blue eyes
    DW (26): Kaylen Alexis
    -brown hair, brown eyes
    --DD (3): Hailey Aurora
    ---brown hair, blue eyes
    --DS (2): Colin Evan
    ---brown hair, grey eyes
    --DS (1): Liam Daniel
    ---black hair, blue eyes

    DD (24): Liliana Charlotte
    -blonde hair, grey eyes
    DH (27): Rowan Derek
    -brown hair, hazel eyes
    --DD (3): Audrey Isabella
    ---auburn hair, hazel eyes
    --DD (2): Brooklyn Emilie
    ---brown hair, blue eyes

    DS (21): William Hunter
    -black hair, grey eyes
    DW (21): Harleigh Brielle
    -brown hair, blue eyes
    --DD (1): Savannah Lily
    ---brown hair, grey eyes
    --DS/DD (nb): Dylan Alexander/Addison Ella
    ---black hair, green eyes/black hair, blue eyes

    DD (20): Madison Grace
    -blonde hair, blue eyes
    DH (23): Ryder Owen
    -brown hair, green eyes
    --DD/DS/DS (1): Sienna Madelen/Benjamin Chase/Noah Declan
    ---blonde hair, grey eyes/auburn hair, green eyes/black hair, blue eyes

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    Far North Queensland
    --Ellen Aria- 15, auburn hair and hazel eyes

    --Storm Glenn- 14, black hair and blue eyes
    --Amelie Reagan- 11, auburn hair and hazel eyes
    --Kian Dominic- 10, red hair and blue eyes
    --Mabel Arianna- 6, black hair and grey eyes

    -- Elvira Piper- 10, brown hair and green eyes
    -- Linnea Pauline- 10, blonde hair and brown eyes
    -- Erik Claude- 8, auburn hair and hazel eyes
    -- Luna Sienna- 7, aburun hair and hazel eyes

    -- Matteo- 6, blonde hair and hazel eyes
    -- Aurora Edith- 4, brown hair and green eyes
    -- Viggo Rory- 3, blond hair and green eyes
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    Young Ladies (Not all): Adelisa, Oriana, Clover, Victoria, Georgina, Amelia, Genevieve, Jemima, Edith, Adelaide, Eleanor, Ottilie, Henrietta, River, Clara, Francesca

    Young Sirs (Not all): Edmund, Rory, Louis, Niall, Frederick, Osmond, Henry, Desmond, William, James, Oliver, Rowan, Wesley, Liam, Zayn, Sherlock, Castiel, George

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