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    PART 1: Husband and Wife

    District: District 5 (Power)

    Surname: Bane (nee Steele)

    DH: Evander Joseph Bane
    -Brown Hair
    -Brown Eyes
    -Store Owner
    DW: Antigone Margaret Bane (nee Steele)
    -Auburn Hair
    -Grey Eyes
    -Store Owner

    PART 2: Children

    DS: Owen Matthew Bane
    -Blonde Hair
    -Grey Eyes
    DS: Noah William Bane
    -Black Hair
    -Blue Eyes
    -Equipment Manager
    DD: Lucy Annabelle Bane
    -Brown Hair
    -Grey Eyes
    -Systems Analyst

    PART 3: Grandchildren

    Owen's child:
    DD: Natalie Anne Bane
    -Blonde Hair
    -Blue Eyes
    -Plant Security Officer

    Noah's children:
    DD: Mackenzie Alice Bane
    -Brown Hair
    -Brown Eyes
    -Systems Analyst
    DS: Jesse Alexander Bane
    -Auburn Hair
    -Brown Eyes
    DD: Taylor Adele Bane
    -Black Hair
    -Grey Eyes

    Lucy's children:
    DS: Leo Oliver Langston
    -Brown Hair
    -Grey Eyes
    -Equipment Manager
    DD: Leah Rose Langston
    -Brown Hair
    -Brown Eyes
    -Plant Security Officer
    DD: Luna Grace Langston
    -Brown Hair
    -Grey Eyes
    My princess [11/24/09], my little man [4/25/10], my munchkin [2/13/12], and my boys [12/3/13]

    Who are you to judge the life I live? I’m not perfect and I don’t live to be. But, before you start pointing fingers, make sure your hands are clean. ~ Bob Marley

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    Rest peacefully Lily Reece

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    DW: Aurora Rhea "Rory" Wolfe
    -brown hair, green eyes

    DH: Conor Finn Wolfe (Hunger Games victor)
    -auburn hair, blue eyes
    -owns bakery

    District: 8, textiles

    DD: Sadie Charlotte Wolfe (34)
    -auburn hair, green eyes
    -future career: designer
    -two kids
    -DS: Maisie Elizabeth (5)
    --auburn hair, blue eyes
    -DD: Keira Charlotte (3)
    --brown hair, grey eyes

    DS: Benjamin Isaac "Ben" Wolfe (32)
    -auburn hair, grey eyes
    -future career: dressmaker
    -three kids
    -DD/DD/DD: Rose Eleanor/Anne Josephine/Stella Beatrice (6)
    --brown hair, hazel eyes

    DD: Anne Katharine Wolfe (28)
    -auburn hair, blue eyes
    -future career: dressmaker
    -two kids
    -DD: Piper Madeline (7)
    --auburn hair, hazel eyes
    -DD: Poppy Caroline (5)
    --blonde hair, green eyes

    DS: Darren James Wolfe (26)
    -auburn hair, brown eyes
    -future career: designer
    -one kid
    -DS: Hugo Elliot (8)
    --blond hair, brown eyes

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    Pax Arthur Wolfe and his wife Daphne Maud Wolfe had 8 children. Those 8 children ended up growing up and giving them 10 grandchildren.

    The families are as follows:

    Jasper Cormac - 35, blonde hair blue eyes, is a carpenter
    Anna Maeve - 31, red hair green eyes, is a baker at Daphne's bakery
    Jack Magnus - 6, red hair blue eyes

    Ivan Arthur - 35, red hair blue eyes, is a lumberjack
    Iris Catherine - 35, brown hair brown eyes, works at Daphne's bakery
    Warren Mason - 10, black hair grey eyes

    Callum Ian - 33, blonde hair brown eyes, is a furniture builder
    Bridget Lousia - 30, blonde hair green eyes, works at the apothecary
    Ella Margaret - 8, blonde hair green eyes

    Rose Grace - 29, blonde hair brown eyes, she works at the bakery of Daphne's
    Perseus Cassian Blakewood - 35, black hair blue eyes, he is a lead climber
    Aiden William Blakewood - 9, blonde hair brown eyes

    Edward Owen - 27, auburn hair hazel eyes, is the mayor of District 7
    Flora Ruth - 23, brown hair green eyes, stays home with her daughter and all the other grandchildren who are not old enough to go to school
    Lucy Aurora - 1, red hair blue eyes

    Adrian Joseph - 27, brown hair green eyes, he is a furniture builder
    Alice Claire - 26, black hair blue eyes, she works at Daphne's bakery
    Stella Elizabeth - 3, brown hair green eyes

    David Eli - 24, red hair blue eyes, he is a carpenter
    Fiona Elspeth - 23, blonde hair blue eyes, she stays at home and assists Flora in taking care of the children in the family
    Elsie Grace - 2, blonde hair brown eyes
    Elias Casper - 3 months, blonde hair blue eyes

    Isla Hermione - 24, black hair grey eyes, she stays at home with her children and the other children in the family to assist Flora and Fiona
    James Nolan Ingram - 30, black hair blue eyes, he is a lumberjack
    Andrew Benjamin - 3, blonde hair brown eyes
    Erik Walter - 1, black hair grey eyes

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    Atlas Oscar, 55 and Flora Jane, 53

    Freya Valeria, 27, Four children (twins)
    Dexter Mathieu, 25, Two children
    Alba Estela, 23, Two children (twins)
    Ivy Elizabeth, 20, One child

    Freya's children:
    B- Elias Viktor, 5yo. Brown hair and Grey eyes
    G- Novalie Rose, 3yo. Blonde hair and Grey eyes
    B- Theodore Jackson, 3yo. Auburn hair and Grey eyes
    B- Isaac Woodrow, 1yo. Black hair and Brown eyes

    Dexter's children:
    B- Isaiah Cecil, 2yo. Black hair and Blue eyes
    B- Caleb Tobias, 9mo. Red hair and Grey eyes

    Alba's children:
    G- Luna Genevieve, 4yo. Black hair and Grey eyes
    B- Jude Everett, 4yo. Black hair and Blue eyes

    Ivy's child:
    G- Madalen Willow, 2mo. Blonde hair and Hazel eyes

    So the entire family!

    Atlas and Flora Jaeger - Freya, Dexter, Alba, Ivy

    Freya Grayson (was Jaeger) and husband, Justus - Elias, Novalie, Theo, Isaac

    Dexter Jaeger and wife, Anabel - Isaiah, Caleb

    Alba Jaeger and fiance, Lev - Luna, Jude

    Ivy Jaeger and boyfriend, Roman - Madalen

    Atlas, Flora, Freya, Dexter Alba, Ivy, Elias, Luna, Jude, Novalie, Theo, Isaiah, Isaac, Caleb and Madalen!

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    District 8:

    Oriol and Demelza Hilltop: 1 child

    Oscar Vincent Hilltop, 22
    Red hair, hazel eyes

    Callum and Fiora Hilltop: 3 children

    Ida Aurora Hilltop, 17
    Red hair, Hazel eyes

    Frida Amalie Hilltop, 17
    Blonde hair, Green eyes

    Magnus Elias Hilltop, 17
    Red hair, Grey eyes

    Diego and Adalaide Hilltop: 4 children

    Victoria Tuva Hilltop, 10
    Black hair, Grey eyes

    Aksel Martin Hilltop, 9
    Black hair, Blue eyes

    Linnea Selma Hilltop, 4
    Red hair, Brown eyes

    Sander Jakob Hilltop, 1
    Red hair, Green eyes

    Saoirise and Dashiel Flottrot: 1 child

    Klara Isabelle Flottrot, 2
    Brown hair, Green eyes.

    Oriol with Oscar
    Callum with Ida, Frida, Magnus
    Diego with Victoria, Aksel, Linnea, Sander
    Saoirise with Klara

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