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    District 8: Textiles

    LN: Thayer

    DH: Linus Jack, black hair, hazel eyes, reaped, owns a supply shop
    DW: Muirne Blanche, auburn hair, grey eyes, never reaped, weaver

    DS (42): Thibault Rhys, auburn hair, blue eyes, warehouse manager
    --DD (20): Velma June, red hair, green eyes, dressmaker
    --DD (19): Betty Autumn, auburn hair, green eyes, weaver
    --DD (18): Edna Mae, black hair, blue eyes, factory worker

    DS/DS (41): Jack Wyatt, red hair, hazel eyes, factory worker
    --DD (18): Lucy Camila, black hair, grey eyes, factory worker
    --DD (16): Stella Violet, red hair, hazel eyes
    --DD (14): Zoe Anna, blonde hair, blue eyes
    --DD (12): Ethel Sophie, blonde hair, blue eyes

    & Niall Connor, auburn hair, grey eyes, factory worker
    --DD (11): Ellen Audrey, auburn hair, blue eyes

    DD (40): Claire Scarlett, blonde hair, green eyes, designer
    --DD (13): Vera Taylor, blonde hair, green eyes
    --DD (12): Irene Andrea, blonde hair, green eyes

    DS (38): Finlay Marc, black hair, brown eyes, weaver
    --DS (14): Clifford Lee, black hair, brown eyes
    --DD (11): Opal Jasmine, auburn hair, green eyes
    --DS (6): Gordon Ray, black hair, brown eyes

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    It has been 20 years since you had your last child.

    DH (42): Henry Cian (Red hair, blue eyes)
    DW (44): Elisabeth Alice (Blonde hair, brown eyes)

    - DS (16): Calum Benjamin
    -- Appearance: Auburn hair, green eyes

    DH (40): Gabriel Aaron (Blonde hair, green eyes)
    DW (38): Willa Katherine (Blonde hair, blue eyes)

    - DD (19): Rose Astrid
    -- Appearance: Auburn hair, hazel eyes
    -- District Occupation: Systems Analyst
    - DD (13): Eva Cornelia
    -- Appearance: Blonde hair, green eyes

    DH (39): Xavier Jacob (Black hair, hazel eyes)
    DW (33): Maddalena Claire (Brown hair, hazel eyes)

    - DS (9): Nikolai StephenNiko
    -- Appearance: AUburn hair, hazel eyes

    DW (39): Orla Eliza (Brown hair, green eyes)
    DH (45): James Alastair (Red hair, brown eyes)

    - DS (19): Charles NoahCharlie
    -- Appearance: Black hair, brown eyes
    -- District Occupation: Engineer
    - DD (18): Elizabeth StellaLibby
    -- Appearance: Black hair, green eyes
    -- District Occupation: Equipment Manager
    - DS (15): Nicholas OscarNick
    -- Appearance: Brown hair, grey eyes
    - DS (12): Thomas AdamTom
    -- Appearance: Red hair, grey eyes

    DH (37): Taylor Jesse (Black hair, hazel eyes)
    DW (37): Keira Mae (Brown hair, grey eyes)

    - DS (14): Joseph JackJoey
    -- Appearance: Red hair, hazel eyes
    - DS (10): Oliver JamesOlly
    -- Appearance: Auburn hair, grey eyes

    DW (34): Autumn Eleanor (Auburn hair, grey eyes)
    DH (32): Ezra Jude (Blonde hair, blue eyes)

    - DD/DD (11): Nora Charlotte / Thea Lillian
    -- Appearance: Auburn hair, blue eyes / Auburn hair, grey eyes

    DW (30): Luna Ariana (Blonde hair, brown eyes)
    DH (32): Tristan Luke (Auburn hair, brown eyes)

    - DD (8): Greta Aria
    -- Appearance: Brown hair, blue eyes
    - DD (5): Sienna Maren
    -- Appearance: Brown hair, brown eyes

    DH (23): Samuel Jace (Red hair, green eyes)
    DW (20): Luella Maeve (Blonde hair, blue eyes)

    - DD (nb): Ingrid Ava
    -- Appearance: (Blonde hair, blue eyes)

    DW (23): Edith Alexandra (Blonde hair, green eyes)
    DH (28): Cameron Louie (Black hair, blue eyes)

    - DD (4): Lilly Sophia
    -- Appearance: Blonde hair, grey eyes
    - DD (1): Daisy Alice
    -- Appearance: Black hair, brown eyes
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    August | Austin | Bruno | Calvin | Elijah | Frederick | Gabriel | Jack | Jude | Lachlan | Lennon | Noah | Samson | Vincent | Wilfred | William

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    DH: Oscar Anthony Baudelaire. District 3 / Technology. Auburn hair and green eyes. Didn't take part in the games. Engineer.
    DW: Lara Georgia Florence Baudelaire (Carrington). District 1/ Luxury. Brown hair and grey eyes. Took part in the games. Jeweler.

    DD: Francesca Madeline Baudelaire [44]
    --DD: Emilia Caroline
    --DS: Magnus Nikolai

    DD: Isabelle Lorena Baudelaire [42]
    --DD: Violet Mathilde
    --DD: Cornelia Josefine
    --DD: Genevieve Opal
    --DS: Casper Felix
    --DD: Vivian Clara
    --DS: Albert Theodore

    DD: Hermione Laia Baudelaire [39]
    --DS: Leander Edvard
    --DD: Frida Ingrid

    DS: Vincent Samuel Baudelaire[36]
    --DS: Nicholas Damian
    --DD: Iris Olivia

    DD: Camille Gwendoline Baudelaire [35]
    --DD: Marguerite Rose
    --DD: Zara Imogen
    --DD: Edith Naomi
    --DD: Elida Willow

    DD: Astrid Victoire Baudelaire [33]
    --DD: Ava Frances
    --DD: Camila Geraldine
    --DS: Isaac Robert
    --DS: Adam Levi

    DS: Gabriel Maximilian Baudelaire [32]
    --DD: Eilidh Zoe
    --DD: Mina Florence
    --DS: Leo Viktor
    --DD: Florence Lovisa
    --DS: Sean Alfred
    --DS: August Finn

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    It has been 20 years since you had your last child.

    To determine how many kids each child has, roll the dice and repeat for each child. Roll for genders too, odd is male and even is female. Multiples and ages are up to you.

    DH: Xavier Niall Valentine (40) - Black hair, grey eyes
    DW: Leona Maria Valentine (37) - Blonde hair, green eyes
    DS 16): Henry Benjamin Valentine
    - Black hair
    - Grey eyes
    DD (10): Victoria Katherine Valentine
    - Blonde hair
    - Green eyes
    DD (7): Alexandra Sofia Valentine
    - Brown hair
    - Grey eyes

    DW: Thalia Alexandra Maddox (38) - Brown hair, hazel eyes
    DH: Jacoby Rupert Maddox (41) - Black hair, brown eyes
    DS 7): Ryder Maximilian Maddox
    - Auburn hair
    - Brown eyes
    DS/DS (5): Casper Brodie Maddox & Tristan Cooper Maddox
    - Blonde hair / Red hair
    - Green eyes / Hazel eyes
    DS (1): Milo Blake Maddox
    - Blonde hair
    - Blue eyes

    DW: Autumn Gisela Bellamy (35) - Blonde hair, grey eyes
    DH: Keane Orion Bellamy (35) - Brown hair, blue eyes
    DD (10): Astrid Eva Bellamy
    - Auburn hair
    - Green eyes
    DS (6): Calvin Isaac Bellamy
    - Blonde hair
    - Grey eyes
    DS (3): Jonas David Bellamy
    - Red hair
    - Hazel eyes

    DW: Luna Piper Lefevre (32) - Red hair, green eyes
    DH: Yves Aurelien Lefevre (31) - Auburn hair, blue eyes
    DD (8): Genevieve Ariana Lefevre
    - Auburn hair
    - Green eyes

    DH: Raphael Lorcan Valentine (30) - Blonde hair, grey eyes
    DW: Sabrina Rosalinda Valentine (28) - Brown hair, blue eyes
    DD (5): Edith Celina Valentine
    - Brown hair
    - Blue eyes
    DD (nb): Nora Vivian Valentine
    - Red hair
    - Grey eyes

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    District 11: Agriculture

    LN: Thorne

    DH: Leander James. Black hair, green eyes. Farmhand.
    DW: Aella Charlotte. Brown hair, blue eyes. Reaped into Games at 14. Apothecary.


    Beatrice Amelie Thorne - 22. Black hair, blue eyes. Harvester.
    Phoebe Alexandra Throne - 18. Black hair, green eyes. Farmhand.
    Jocelyn Clarisse Thorne - 15. Black hair, green eyes.
    Tristan James Thorne -10. Black hair, blue eyes.
    Leo Nicolas Thorne - 7. Black hair, blue eyes.
    Isobel Sienna Thorne - 4. Brown hair, blue eyes.
    Jamie Elias Thorne - 4. Brown hair, blue eyes.
    Xavier Lucas Thorne - 1. Brown hair, blue eyes.


    Beatrice (42) married Finn Theodore Steele (45)
    Alexander August Steele (19) "Alec" Blonde hair, brown eyes. Farmhand.
    Thea Lillian Steele (15) Black hair, blue eyes.
    Annabelle Nathalie Steele (12) "Belle" Black hair, green eyes.
    Eva Matilda Steele (10) Brown hair, blue eyes.

    Phoebe (38) married Evander Francis Nightingale (40)
    Maren Gabriella Nightingale (18) Auburn hair, green eyes. Harvester.
    Frida Livia Nightingale (15) Auburn hair, green eyes.
    Julian Isaac Nightingale (13) Blonde hair, green eyes.

    Jocelyn (35) married Angus William Thatcher (41) - 4 kids
    Kieran Lloyd Thatcher (14) Black hair, hazel eyes.
    Eilidh Lovisa Thatcher (11) Blonde hair, hazel eyes.
    Brodie Lewis Thatcher (8) Red hair, blue eyes.
    Emil Ludvig Thatcher (5) Blonde hair, hazel eyes.

    Tristan (30) married Danae Elizabeth Sage (25) - 4 kids
    Hugo Finlay Thorne (7) Brown hair, blue eyes.
    Zoe Keira Thorne (5) Blonde hair, blue eyes
    Elise Victoria Thorne (4) Auburn hair, hazel eyes.
    Lucy Erin Thorne (1) Brown hair, hazel eyes.

    Leo (27) married Niamh Alice Proctor (23, died aged 22) - 1 kid
    Sophie Niamh Proctor-Thorne (1) Blonde hair, blue eyes.

    Isobel (24) married Jason Charles Forrester (24) - 3 kids
    Lacey Genevieve Forrester (3) Brown hair, green eyes.
    Mirren Elvira Forrester (1-twin) Brown hair, blue eyes.
    Emil Benjamin Forrester (1-twin) Black hair, blue eyes.

    Jamie (24) married Elissa Katherine Worth (23) - 3 kids
    Luca George Thorne (3) Blonde hair, hazel eyes.
    Tobias Charles Thorne (2) Brown hair, blue eyes.
    Everett William Thorne (1) Blonde hair, blue eyes.

    Xavier (21) married Lara Mae Quincy (20) - 2 kids
    Lillie Abigail Thorne (1) Auburn hair, green eyes.
    Ella Sofia Thorne (1) Blonde hair, blue eyes.


    Alexander "Alec" engaged to Nadia Grace Quincy (19) - 1 kid
    Isabella Claire Quincy-Thorne (4 mths)
    Xanthe Estelle - Sacha John

    Isobel - Rose - Wren - Zoe - Emrys - Luca - Sage - Sawyer

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